Here’s The Winners At The Golden Joystick Awards 2017

erwatchThe prestigious Golden Joystick awards ceremony has taken place today. As you know, there’s been a number of high-profile games released this year, so its been a hard-fought battle for some titles. Nintendo have come away with a number of awards this year which will no doubt please many of you  To top it off The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild received the Ultimate Game of the Year award. Have a look at the winners, below:

Best Storytelling – Horizon Zero Dawn
Best Visual Design – Cuphead
Best Audio – The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild
Best Gaming Performance – Ashly Burch (Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn)
Best Indie Game – Friday the 13th The Game
Best Multiplayer Game – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
Studio of the Year – Nintendo EPD
Best VR Game – Resident Evil 7
Esports Play of the Year – Overwatch
Esports Team of the Year –  Lunatic Hai
Esports Game of the Year – Overwatch
Best Streamer/Broadcaster – Markiplier
Handheld/Mobile Game of the Year – Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon
Nintendo Game of the Year – The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild
Playstation Game of the Year – Horizon Zero Dawn
Xbox Game of the Year – Cuphead
PC Game of the Year – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
The Critics Choice Award – The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild
Breakthrough Award – Ashly Burch
Hall of Fame – Final Fantasy
Most Wanted Game – The Last of Us 2
Still Playing Award – World of Tanks
Outstanding Contribution to the UK Games Industry – Debbie Bestwick MBE (Founder of Team17 – Worms etc)
Lifetime Achievement Award – Sid Meier (Civilization etc)
Ultimate Game of the Year – The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild



    1. Well, she has an MBE, which is a British title given for achievement in their industry. Considering there aren’t exactly a ton of development studios run by women (or female programmers for that matter), and she’s been doing it for several decades, its good to celebrate. And I’m not sure if you were alive when Worms 2 released, but it definitely had a big impact on the industry, with its popular online multiplayer at the time. This was before things like Unreal or Everquest came onto the scene. And you’d be hard pressed to find a popular online game like that that wasn’t a shooter or Ultima Online. I’d think of her like a musician’s musician: she may not have helped make the games that everyone plays, but the people making those games all played her games.

    1. ^ What he said. Their voting was being done mostly during the summer & only included games that came out before August at best.

      1. Kinda stupid to exclude about half of the year…
        This is why it’s flawed to do these types of awards.
        It will be weird seeing Mario in ‘2018’ awards.

        1. Agreed. I don’t like award ceremonies where voting takes place in mostly the summer months. The voting should take place at the end of the year so the awards ceremony can come out at the beginning of the following year. (I also hate the fact magazines say, for example, August when it’s really the July issue. Also hate that with these sports games, too, when it says, for example again, 2017 but it’s comprised of teams from 2016 or, in the case of WWE games, comprised of storylines, etc from the year the game isn’t even releasing in. Hm. I think it was EA that started that annoying little trend with naming the latest game the year it’s NOT releasing in.)

    2. Then again, I’m pretty sure SMO was part of some voting categories. Which means it lost because many people that voted only voted for games they were actually able to play during the voting season of The Golden Joystick Awards.

      1. Bah! The typo with the handheld/mobile game of the year winner is getting me confused. It’s supposed to be Pokemon Sun & Moon, not Ultra Sun & Moon. So chances are SMO was NOT part of the voting categories. (I wish I could go back to the voting page for it & double check, but I don’t feel like putting forth the effort.)

    3. Now I remember! Super Mario Odyssey was a nomination for “Most Wanted Game.” But it lost to The Last of Us 2. Hm… Isn’t The Last of Us series a franchise developed by a subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment? *checks* Yup, it is developed by SIE’s Naughty Dogs. … Yeah. You won’t like the fact it beat SMO.

    4. *facepalms* I keep fucking up. Super Mario Odyssey wasn’t a nomination for Most Wanted Game. Metroid Prime 4 was, though.

  1. Pokémon Sun/Moon as handheld game of the year?
    Wasn’t that LAST year? Maybe they meant Ultra Sun/Moon or maybe Metroid Samus Returns.

        1. It’s apparently a typo on MNN. It’s supposed to be Pokemon Sun & Moon. I’ve checked other websites’ articles & they also only have Pokemon Sun & Moon.

  2. I guess Switch games don’t apply for the handheld category but I would have picked Metroid Samus Returns, Or Fire Emblem Echoes or Danganronpa V3 over Pokemon.

    1. Be thankful that isn’t the case. Switch games could easily get railroaded by a bunch of mobile games that are being played by billions of people compared to the millions playing Switch games. :/

  3. I thought Europe hated Nintendo, strange that they won something big as Game of the Year.

    And for those wondering why Mario Odessey was missing, it’s because the game was released after the votes were closed, so unfortunately couldn’t join for this year’s awards.

  4. Please fix the typo with handheld/mobile game of the year winner. It’s supposed to be Pokemon Sun & Moon. I’ve checked other articles on this topic & they all have Sun & Moon, not Ultra Sun & Moon.

  5. The Last of Us 2 beat out all of these games for Most Wanted Game:

    Beyond Good and Evil 2
    Call of Duty: WWII
    Death Stranding
    Far Cry 5
    God of War
    Metro Exodus
    Metroid Prime 4
    Red Dead Redemption 2
    Sea of Thieves
    Star Wars Battlefront II

    No offense to LoU2 since I haven’t even played the first game but there were some nominees I would have prefer to win over that game: Death Stranding, God of War 4, and Spider-Man. (Not enough to excite me for Metroid Prime 4 as I honestly don’t want another 1st person Metroid. That & it was only a 5-10 second teaser. If they revealed at E3 2017 that Metroid Prime 4 has an option between playing 1st or 3rd person, my excitement would be a hell of a lot higher & my vote would have gone to MP4 (I voted for Death Stranding.) Hopefully they will have that as an option since Skyrim, a game Nintendo paid to have the remaster on Switch, has an option of playing Skyrim in either 1st or 3rd person. Please have the option! D: Ya know what. I’m not asking. I’m telling. Add the option! …please….. lol)

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