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Here’s The First Sixty Minutes Of Pokemon Ultra Moon On Nintendo 3DS

In case you weren’t aware the latest entry in the Pokemon series is out today on the Nintendo 3DS. I’m sure a lot of you are currently enjoying exploring the delights of the Alola regions in the long-awaited Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon. For those who don’t have the game, Tilmen has captured the first sixty minutes running on the New Nintendo 3DS. Have a watch below!


  1. Wow. Talk about a copy/paste job. Well least there were some changes to the very beginning so I’ll commend them for that a little. Hopefully the copy/paste job becomes less obvious as you progress through the tutorial island & make your way to the second island, though.

    1. Instead of the name Melemele Island for the first island of the game, they should have cleverly called it Tu-To Rial Island. xP

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