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Foil Flingza Roller Coming To Splatoon 2 This Evening

Yet another weapon has been added to the immensely fun Splatoon 2 and its rolling out to everyone this evening. The weapon in question is the Foil Flingza Roller which has a sub weapon which is the Suction Bomb and of course a special weapon which is the Tenta Missiles.


    1. Not that I use this one, but what specifically is the issue with this one? I haven’t played much in the last month but I rarely see anyone using it well. Weapons have felt pretty balanced since they tweaked the tri slosher.

  1. Man, another roller? I’ve been waiting for a custom version of the Dualie Squelchers since I started playing, hopefully with a cooler sub weapon. But whatevs, the game is still awesome and these extra weapons are welcome.

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