Square Enix Believes Digital Will Account For 70-80% Of Their Western HD Game Sales In Future

There’s no doubt that digital is proving a popular choice with console gamers with cheaper memory and storage available. Square Enix has said in their recent company outline that they expect digital sales will account for roughly 70-80% of their video game sales in the west in the not so distant future. Here’s what was said:

Q: Approximately what percentage of the HD Games sub-segment’s business do you think will be accounted for by digital downloads over the medium to longer term?

A: Digital downloads already account for around 50% of business in the Western markets. Given that the gaming market is shifting further to digital sales, I believe it will reach approximately 70-80%.

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    1. sorry, i buy digital because its cheaper, more convenient (especially for the switch), and i never have to worry about losing my games. ( i lost a lot of my old 3ds games. the only one i still have is kid icarus)

      1. When I get my games from Nintendo’s eShop, I have to pay taxes. Yet I don’t have to pay taxes when I buy something from the PS Store. So apparently in my region, Sony is awesome when it comes to taxes for digital purchases & Nintendo sucks.

      2. No. Region is too big of a word in terms of video games. I mean area. (Maybe I should say state.)

    2. I honestly can’t be bothered changing carts , also I don’t need the plastic tat in my house. CD collections, vhs, dvd, videology games…. bring on the digital age. There are too many new experiences to be nostalgic. My only exception to the rule is I wouldnt swop my books for a kindle.

    3. This is entirely a personal preference thing. Some people like to have game boxes they can display on a shelf. Others like me say forget that clutter crap and I’d lose my head if it wasn’t attached so physical games are in constant danger of being misplaced. I have a box pull of DS carts somewhere that I can’t for the life of me seem to locate.

      To each their own. As long as they keep giving people the choice between the two options there’s no problem.

    4. I agree, its usally the same price, or cheaper. You can also sell it back, might not get a lot back, but recouping 20-30 percent after you’ve beaten it and don’t plan on picking it back up is better than nothing. It’s also liquid asset for emergency!

  1. Always buy physical, it’s easier for archiving games for later use. It seems people haven’t learned their lesson after Konami removed PT from existence, but don’t worry with companies like EA and Activision around I’m pretty sure everyone’s digital purchases will get screwed over once the companies feel like they just want to take away your games on a whim like they did that guy who lost his entire library of digital games on psn due to his name sounding muslim O_O
    They can’t take your physical games away though, and given the pettiness of today’s triple A publishers do any of you really want to risk your entire digital library, just sayin?

  2. Other than Bravely Default, Dragon Quest Heroes 1, & Life is Strange, I got most of my Square Enix games digitally in the last 7(?) years. (I did later get BD & LiS digitally, though. After I play a bit of DQH, I’ll probably end up rebuying it digitally, too. I’ll sell the physical copy at GameStop when I do.)

  3. I will never buy digital unless a game cost less than 20$, because of resale value. So do never count on me Square-Enix.
    I do buy digital games on Steam with sales (10$ typical) and on the Nintendo Switch at no more than 20$.

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