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Canada: The Nintendo Switch Remains The Best-Selling Console Of The Moment

We’ve already had the NPD results for the US, but some of you might be wondering how the system is currently performing in Canada. Well, it remains the best-selling video game system this year, beating both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Here’s all the details you need to know thanks to Reset Era member Next Gen Player:

  • Nintendo Switch was the most-sold video game system in October (the hardware remains the best-selling video game system of 2017)
  • Nintendo systems (Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS systems and SNES Classic) accounted for 62% of all video game hardware sold in October
  • The Super Mario Odyssey game for Nintendo Switch emerged as the top-selling video game of the month on the NPD sales chart, even though it launched at the end of the month on Oct. 27
  • One of every four dollars spent on video game software in October was spent on a Nintendo title, making Nintendo the number one game publisher in October (Nintendo remains the number one game publisher for all of 2017, with 23% share of spending)



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