TIME Reveal The Top Ten Video Games Of 2017

TIME magazine is one of the first publications to roll out its Game of the Year 2017 awards and unsurprisingly the list is littered with Nintendo titles. In fact, it’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey which have taken the top spots this year. Here’s the top ten games of 2017 according to TIME.

10. Destiny 2
9. Horizon Zero Dawn
8. Mario + Rabbids : Kingdom Battle
7. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
6. Cuphead
5. Persona 5
4. Wolfenstein 2 : The New Colossus
3. What Remains of Edith Finch
2. Super Mario Odyssey
1. The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild

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    1. Nintendo paid these sites to give good scores and reviews for the new Nintendo games so the new Console can start godlike otherwise if they dont do that they will be doomed.

      In reality Botw is a kiddie mediacore game with the same story the last 30 years. this is just stupid asf. Zelda must save again the in every zelda game..meanwhile..cartoon graphics, easy and boring enemies and last boss is even easier..and a game Like this have so good score? it is obvious the reviews are paid thats why on metacritic got barely 8.4.. not even 9

      Mario is even worse. a super casual game with zero challenge that you just running around to collect moons..

      Wake up Nintendo fun boys…

        1. I come because i have a life. If i didn’t had a life i could be dead and i could’t make comments at all. But i guess you didn’t knew that too. And doesn”t matter what you rate that doesn’t change the fact Zelda is a bad kiddie easy and with empty fields game

          20 hours game to finish it. maybe less. this is how bad is it for an open world game. oh also you can run for 300 hours on the empty fields with no enemies . ok

      1. it is obvious the reviews are paid thats why on metacritic got barely 8.4. By the users where some of them given 0 because they hated to see many 10 on BotW instead of their favorite games (one for example is Horizon Zero Dawn).

        Mario is even worse. a super casual game with zero challenge that you just running around to collect moons.
        Why Super Mario must be an hard game like Dark Souls? Personally, after you finish the game for the first time, the game offers to you some hard challenges.

        Wake up Nintendo fun boys…. From here it’s 17:44. I’m awake. What’s up?

        1. Be serious. Mario odd is very easy game. How then mario 3d land had a copy dark mario (or was it blue dark?from sunshine) who was following every step from you. that mean you had to be on the move all the time. that was a diffucult lvl that Nintendo just ingore. And this is how they could make it with mario oddys. Still besides the troll it is a 95/100 for me game. just 2 easy for more professional gamers. And dont need to compare every game that needs to be hard with dark souls. I mean come on. i beat the last dark souls almost easy and bored there too. (The dlc push me with deaths cause i was low lvl) But fore me…Bayonetta 2 just the last Boss push my focus scale much more than any boss in dark souls series. (Rodin opti boss)

          1. Yes it’s an easy game, besides the fact that the game is rated E for Everyone, that’s why the game is easy. I still have to finish at 100% the game but when I play it I’m still impressed about the game itself and the gameplay.

            Also I don’t knwo if you have done the challenges after you beat Bowser because I still have to do that part.

            1. Not all of them i have done 5 stages with the new challenges and moons after bowser when you can unlock the…. (you know what no spoils)And i quit it im stack with Disgaea 5 Complete right now and i will bring my self back to mario in some mounths. Soon my personal game of the year is coming Xenoblade and i will buy extra buzy (I dont count Botw as game of the year cause this is like a tutorial for the developers for how they should make games) Botw is like Game of the decade the core and the world they build in botw is beyond masterpiece.

              1. Well everybody has their personal opinions. I found both Mario and BotW enjoyable games, but I agree with you for the part of the last boss of BotW. It’s just too easy but the game concept and structure it’s amazing.

                1. i said easy but that was my troll mode. This is the good thing with Botw. You have playing options. and because i knew it was easy i fight him with the worst weapons and low hp to make it worth it and entertain my self. so practically for me the boss was not so easy. i was doing same thing on world of warcraft when i was healing while i had alot of mythic gear when i was changing the gear with far less powerfull gear so i can have a healing challenge. (On heroic raids) And ofc i never upgrade a single armor on Botw because the reward is makes the game easier.

                  “Spoil alert usless and irrelevant comment in coming from me”

                  The comment i made was like my response mounths ago on a guy on this site who promote hes review for Botw with 7/10 and he create stupid negative points. One of them was a negative point for how easy the labyrinth is because you can just climb up and solve it easy. you realise how bad he was for took a possitive thing and make it negative right? and( he like to call himself a professional reviewer but he bite back when i prove him he was a casual reviewer) the possitive is the FREEDOM that you have on Botw.!!!! and he just make it negative…just because he took the wrong way to solve the pazzle…while the rest of us we know we wont do such a stupid thing to destroy the point on the puzzle.

                  1. I didn’t read the spoiler part

                    That’s one way how to make a game hard. But when I fought the final boss on BotW I got that impression of “It’s easy to beat this boss in compares to Ganon from Ocarina of Time”.

                    1. The spoil part was just to spoil before you read that it was irrelevant for the object we are talking right now. so you wont waste your time on it but i said it anyway ;p

                      i think this ganon was harder than last boss from ocarina of time. i though actually every boss on ocarina of time was easy to beat even when i was very young and i was around 11 back then. and by easy i mean i didn;t died on bosses. But the thing with ocarina was that it was a hell of a nightmare to reach the boss stage with all these temple puzzles. That is my real issue about Botw. i really want it to be just like ocarina of time and the rest zelda games inside the temples (Big guardians) but it was more like a fast mini dungeon compared to the other zelda dungeons. Some1 will say you have 120 shrines and you speak about just 4 dungeons? well ofc i will speak about the main story of the game and not the other 120shrines because all of them are like “fillers” :P

      2. And you come to this site for what… criticise games that have been around for so long, because they are SO GOOD obviously.
        Nintendo don’t pay reviewers. It’s the fact of how well these games are selling and I’ve read tons of reveiews for botw, and they’re all praising it.
        It’s highly likely it’s going to be game of the year then you can just eat your words.
        You sound like a spoilt brat that just likes gory fpshooters.
        I like variety in my gaming and the switch is doing just that!

        1. LOL this is the reason why the game selling well because Nintendont bought all the sites to give good score!!! The fact is the game got 8.4 by 9k users. while it got 97/100 from the paid sites. when sites didn’t got paid by Nintendo they give 7/10 on zelda.

          GOTY? LOL Horizon is far far much better game and with much more world-environment small details than the unrealistic-plastic Zelda. LOL

          You speak about CoD? gory fps? are you crazy or something? CoD is much much better game than every zelda that is still the same every year…just save Zelda..just kill same boss…..once again..i mean nintendo dont even feel shame for them selfs to do that lol.

          Go play Splatoon brat. this is for your age. dont dare to play CoD or something else. and dont buy Doom on switch. you will have nightmares for your age

      3. Actually playing through doom right now and loving it, but then I love Zelda as well because I love variety and I’ve played every main one since 1986.
        My younger bro plays all the COD games on his PS4 and they seem all the same to me, probably because they whack one of these games out every year, in fact he doesn’t even play the campaign, he just goes straight online with multiplayer shouting bullshit through his £150 headset

        Real games take a few years to make ( ones that could be game of the year for example )

        1. CoD will be game of this year or maybe Horizon. Also dont pretend you are big guy while you are not. You are just a nintendo boy who plays kiddie games. and you even state your little brother plays on his ps4. lol you just said (background style) Ps4 is for kids with CoD and switch is for adults with cartoon ass graphics. Like i said go play splatoon …you are to young for big games like cod. and becarefull before you talk about CoD games because every new cod game is much more different between than how different is every Zelda game. you even have new story mode on CoD. while on zelda you still have the same story on every game…..same with mario…always to save the bitch. Go play splatoon and let your brother grow up like a man. i hope you will not brain wash him like you did to your self. !! just keep him away from Nintendo games and he will be fine :P

  1. With Time being an American magazine, I doubt Nier: Automata even made the top 30.

    1. Honestly i didn”t like that game. maybe its because i am a huge Bayone-drone and i just want bayonetta 3 and everything else that have some familliar gameplay im bitching it off. i Believe it is a very good game and i could just rate it 9/10 like the most people. its not the game’s fault that i am a morron who failed to understand it ;p and i feel kinda bad that i play just 10 hours and bored.

      1. I understand why some people don’t like JRPG games like NieR as it makes them actually think & contemplate things when a good majority of American gamers just want some mindless fun. (Nothing wrong with that, per se, but sometimes people should take some time to enjoy a game for the story & it’s covert messages as it might just help them get a new outlook or perspective on life.)

        1. *sits in a recliner with some popcorn & hopes the two Gods of Death go at it*

    1. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds at 7??? Horizon Zero Dawn at 9????? Mario+Rabbits kingdom battle at 8???? We have some hope for GOTY!

  2. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds at 7??? Horizon Zero Dawn at 9????? Mario+Rabbits kingdom battle at 8???? We have some hope for GOTY!

    1. I don’t have the patience or calm head to fish like Thanos does.

    1. Me? A troll? Yeah, no. I share my honest opinions on things concerning video games. Then again, a very pro-Nintendo fan would consider me a troll since I’m not kissing Nintendo’s ass & trashing every 3rd party they feel has screwed Nintendo. *shrugs* But…

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