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Digital Foundry: LA Noire Switch “Often Beats The Original PlayStation 3 Experience”

The tech enthusiasts over at Digital Foundry have a new project to keep themselves busy with and that’s L.A Noire on the Nintendo Switch. The team have investigated the title and have found that the Nintendo Switch version often beats the original PlayStation 3 version of the game. However, the publication says that the original beats the Switch version when it comes down to the game being played in handheld mode.



  1. Yeah, people don’t seems to realize that the Switch being newer not necessarily means that it has to be more powerful in all areas that other platforms, it is designed to be energy efficient, the original ps3 was a energy-eating monster. There will be some areas that the switch can’t excel…

  2. Well of course this is to be expected. What also should and need to be expected is when and IF GTA5 comes to Switch, I hope it gets the next gen ports with all content and First Person feature while being 900-1080p docked.

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