Here’s The Fan-Made Mother 4 Soundtrack

The soundtrack to Mother 4 is now available via YouTube despite the fan-made project being nowhere near finalised. Hopefully development goes smoothly on the fan-made project which was announced way back in 2010. Anyway, here’s over two hours of melodious music from it.



    1. Well since the game is PC!ONLY, you can always mod it into the game, if worse comes to shove.

      As long as we have the game, and Itoi doesn’t declare “there shall be no Mother 4 in any shape or form”.


      1. Itoi won’t be a problem. Last time I checked, he made it clear he doesn’t mind if fans want to continue the franchise. He was also in favor of fans doing an English translation of Mother 3, if I recall that part correctly. (Nintendo has left this project alone, too. Probably out of respect for Itoi’s stance on the matter.

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