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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Street Date Has Apparently Been Broken In Middle East

Those of you who are looking forward to the gigantic adventure which awaits in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 might want to watch out online for potential spoilers. The street date for Monolith Soft’s JRPG has apparently been broken in Saudi Arabia, a full week before the game’s actual release worldwide on December 1st.

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  1. It’s not too out of place. Saudi Arabia is practically Miami, Florida of the Middle East.

    1. I got Saudi Arabia mixed up with Abu Dhabi apparently. The picture I saw for SA confused me.

    1. Even though they are still an Islamic state, they are one of the more westernized places in the Middle East. (They shot a few scenes of Fast & Furious 6 there. One of the scenes is on a beach with plenty of women, not just the cast, in bikinis. They aren’t so westernized that they won’t execute people for silly reasons, though. One example being in 2016, they executed someone for suggesting the country become a democracy.)

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