That Super Mario Odyssey Cereal Is Real But Only Coming To US


You’ve probably seen the Super Mario Odyssey themed cereal image floating around the web and many were debating whether it was real or fake. It turns out that it’s actually legitimate and is being produced by Kelloggs in the United States. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be coming to the UK. Expect more information soon.


  1. I dub this… Food to Games, just like Amiibo are toys to life, this shall be food to games. I just wanna know if Nintendo will continue to innovate like this, and allow me to scan a pack of freaking veggie burger patties? C’mon, Nintendo, don’t just release Cereal Amiibo, what about Vegetable Amiibo, Pork Amiibo…Wait Pork was filled by Gannon nevermind xD

  2. So Post gives away free Switches, and Kellogg’s gets Amiibo. Exclusivity in the food aisle now.

    I don’t have a Switch, but you bet I’m scanning this thing into my U and seeing what pops up. Hopefully we can cut out the small NFC area and not have to keep the whole box forever.

    1. someone probably will download the code via a Powersaves Amiibo tag thing, and then upload it to some website, and allow people to download the code.

      I believe Nintendo should still make partnerships with various hotel chains and give them switch docks (not the switch, but the dock) so that way people staying at a hotel don’t have to lug their dock(s) around. They can leave it at home, and just dock it in the dock that the hotel has in the room already.

      1. Not that large a market unfortunately. Definitely should come standard in all the Universal hotels once the Nintendo area opens in the parks.

        Reminds me of the PS3/4 in my hotel room in Honolulu. I hadn’t seen game systems offered in a hotel room since the 90s.

      2. That’s a great idea, actually. Such a great idea that Nintendo won’t do it, sadly. (I guess there is a very slim chance I could be proven wrong one day if someone at Nintendo has thought of this, too.)

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