Rumour: EA Roadmap Says There Could Be A Nintendo Direct In January 2018

EA may have inadvertently revealed that there’s a Nintendo Direct coming in January. The company’s campaign roadmap shows their plans going forward and on it is a space for a January Nintendo Direct presentation which presumably they are taking part in, showing off a product or two.




      1. Don’t forget the $100 special edition w/ 5 extra seconds of never before seen footage of an EA employee lunch. Just the leftovers though, it’s an extra $80 for the ultimate legendary special edition to see the food before they ate it. IMHO it would help the switch to get some of EA games on it, but I won’t miss the Pay2Win games if they don’t.

  1. Undoubtedly the Direct that’s going to launch the reasonably priced Switch subscription where Nintendo treats members to bonuses and presumably upgrades their online infrastructure had its time revealed by EA.

      1. Edit:
        *I wouldn’t get my hopes up with anything involving EA*
        Wow my last post was terribly written and poorly conveyed what I was trying to say. I will now go sit in the shame corner

  2. That’s what I’ve been saying when there was a rumor of a December Nintendo Direct. I doubt Nintendo would announce anything in a December Direct. I bet they are saving any new announcements for the VGAs. January is going to be the Direct when we get exciting new announcements and trailers for early 2018 releases.

  3. I was expecting a Jan 18 direct. Why is it leaked from EA.
    Are they jumping back on the Nintendo wagon!!

  4. Not that much of a surprise to be honest, but it’s nice all the same.

    With it being 2018, I’m hoping for an announcement on Fire Emblem Switch.

  5. Unless I can see some news for a Dead Space Collection for PS4 & Switch, EA can fuck off. (I want to get NFS: Payback but this loot crate bullshit is making me very hesitant.) I’d love an HD remaster of the original Most Wanted from 2005, too. (The remake honestly sucks now that I look back on it.)

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