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Fire Emblem Heroes Has Apparently Made $240 Million So Far Worldwide

Data firm Sensor Tower is reporting that Nintendo’s strategic mobile title Fire Emblem Heroes has already made $240 million so far and it hasn’t really been out that long. The amount is accumulated on both iOS and Android on which the game launched.

Fire Emblem Heroes has gone on to gross more than $240 million worldwide at an average of about $20 per download, obviously a tremendous monetization success for Nintendo.


7 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Heroes Has Apparently Made $240 Million So Far Worldwide”

  1. The thing to take away from the fact about Fire Emblem Heroes reportedly making $240 million in 9 months is that Heroes is a mobile title that spent no more than 14 months in development. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was in development since 2011 & would need more than 4 million sales at 59.99 to even match what Heroes has pulled off. Sure you can try adding amiibo sales and memorabilia and literature to the mix, but game versus game, it sounds like Fire Emblem Heroes is the most profitable Nintendo game that’s released this year.

    1. While I agree with you, I think It is a bit premature to say “no more than 14 months” since they do keep updating regularly, so It is more of an ongoing development than a one time thing. That said, they are still making a killing.

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