The Symphony Of The Goddesses Producer Has Put Together A Proposal For Super Mario Symphony

The producer behind the glorious Symphony Of The Goddesses tour, Jason Michael Paul, has told Games Industry that he has put together a “really nice” proposal for a Super Mario symphony tour. He’s not sure if it’s going to get approved, but it would certainly be lapped up by fans of the Italian plumber and friends.

“I recently put together a really nice proposal for a Super Mario symphony. And we’ll see. Hopefully it will stick. I also had another concept called Super Smash Symphony, but that’s not going to happen. It’s too complicated.”



  1. ||Next project must be a 2 hour Quadraxis performance with 20 remixed versions of my doom theme…||

  2. Quick guys, we need to make up a good name, just like how Symphony of the goddesses fits Zelda.

    I propose:
    The orchestra is in Another Castle
    Mushroom Harmony
    Plumbers Concert

    Go crazy guys.

  3. Meh. Super Mario doesn’t have nearly as many music themes that I’d pay to see a concert of. Unlike Zelda, Metroid, or even Donkey Kong. Speaking of, I’d rather see one for the Donkey Kong Country series. (Maybe if it revolved around mostly the music of Paper Mario 1+2, maybe.)

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