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Playtonic Says That There Are Currently No Plans For A Physical Release Of Yooka-Laylee On Switch

On December 14th, Yooka-Laylee will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch. However, if you want to get the game, you will have to do so digitally. Playtonic recently responded to a fan’s question about a physical release of the game. They confirmed that they have “no plans on the table today”. There is hope, though. Playtonic also said that they’d like to look into it “if demand is there”. Here’s what they said in full:

We have no plans on the table today, but we’d like to look into it in the future if demand is there. The priority until now has been getting the game polished and into players’ hands ASAP.



  1. Not that I prefer Physical copies myself, I think that idea is dumb.

    As much as I prefer Digital copies over Physical ones, I think people should have the option to get physical copies because while you could actually LOSE the copy and probably have to buy a new one if you can’t find it, it saves on storage space.

    Just because Digital purchases don’t charge you twice for redownloading a game doesn’t mean physical copies don’t have their own benefits too.

    1. “Just because Digital purchases don’t charge you twice for redownloading a game doesn’t mean physical copies don’t have their own benefits too.”

      Like actually owning it, rather than just a license to play it.

      1. What Don Serrot said.

        It doesn’t become an issue for many, but read the terms of service for wherever you buy your digital games. Your access to play can be revoked. Sometimes it can be revoked just at the discretion of the company you’re buying from. They also typically reserve the right to change the terms of service whenever they want, so that after you spend a couple thousand dollars over several years they could then change the terms to something you no longer agree with.

        It isn’t that you’re buying the game so much as you’re renting it indefinitely.

      2. @cronotose

        “Your access to play can be revoked. Sometimes it can be revoked just at the discretion of the company you’re buying from. They also typically reserve the right to change the terms of service whenever they want, so that after you spend a couple thousand dollars over several years they could then change the terms to something you no longer agree with.”

        Why’re trying to ruin the mood!?
        If I didn’t know better I’d say you’re a f***ing Troll!

      3. There is no real difference compared to a physical copy when it comes to licensing these days. You still only own a license…but with phyaical you also own a plastic box as well. For me, that’s just some extra clutter that I don’t need even though physical copies give you some resell value. With most games you will just lose money if you sell them though. The argument that digital is just a license that you don’t really own and that these companies can somehow turn off the service to get access to the games that you have bought and therefore physical is better is moot imo. They could do the same with the physical version because you still need the actual system to play the game. A system update that then somehow denies access to your games (I think that this is a pretty unrealistic scenario to begin with) would apply to physical games all the same. I personally find a digital copy much more valuable these days. The only Switch game that I have bought physically is the XC2 collector edition and that’s exactly how I will keep handling it. Buying everything digital with the exception of some CE’s that I dig. I would actually prefer if these collectors editions would have digital codes instead of a cartridge though but it’s ok as it is.

      4. You don’t “actually own” it. It’s pretty similar to downloading it. They just can’t control it as good and enable you to sell or lend it. Which is cool, but thinking you would own a game by purchasing the physical COPY (>>> copy) is just plain wrong.

    2. To finish what Crontose said, with a physical game you always have access to the game as long as you have the disc/cart. For a digital game you can have access to redownload that game revoked, either directly (rare) or because the store for that particular game got shut down. The eShop won’t be around forever. Eventually Nintendo will decide to shut down those servers after a few console generations. That’s why if I buy games digitally I try to get the biggest card I can at some point so I can just have every game downloaded and at my fingertips.

    3. For this game, Storage is hardly an issue. If you don’t generally get your games digitally (or got the 3rd party games that require installs), the 4-6GB this game requires shouldn’t be an issue on internal storage, and otherwise you already have a sizeable Micro SD card in your system. In which case the 4-6GB shouldn’t put a big dent in your storage at all..

      There are many indie games that don’t do physical, and after all Playtonic is an indie studio. It’s not at all out of the ordinary and quite ridiculous to not take that into account. The physical version on other systems doesn’t change that factor either since like they said the viability has to be assessed separately. For now making sure the game is in the final group of backers hands ASAP was the main priority.

      It makes sense.

    4. I just like physical… because A. it lets me not need to buy external storage (i got like 8 games and just passed the 20 gbs left mark) and B. because I like that I can lend my friends games… and C. I just like holding the cartridge/disk :)

    5. This conversation is absurd.
      People saying that it doesn’t matter don’t understand jack about it.
      How about reselling it…
      How about the fact that you actually own a game and if the system breaks they don’t make you buy it again (3ds was like this for a long time)…
      How about the fact that at any moment, they can take away your license to play the game…
      Just absurd to act like money grows on trees and buying a license for the same price makes ANY sense. It’s simple logic really. Stop trying to justify your laziness to yourself. Go to the damn store and buy the games.

    1. No unfortunately they ran into too much unexpected problems when trying to port the game to Wii U last year.. They developed for PC first, in Unity to enable easy porting to other systems.

      The lack of familiarity with the Wii U must have caused them not to make important decisions early in development of the PC foundation of the game. Basically it’s likely the features and techniques they used caused problems when trying to make them run on Wii U. They cancelled the Wii U version in late 2016 after months of trying to solve the “unforeseen technical issues” they encountered.

      It was a really unfortunate development since many backers were Wii U owners, some of which didn’t have any of the other platforms it was going to be released on. Wii U backers got the option to choose one of the other systems or the Switch version that was going to be released later.

      And here we are…

      1. It’s been almost dead to me since it was released with poor reception. Now this port is not only lazy at low res but no physical release at all? Fuck it. Let this game rot. They’re not Rare anymore. Rare is now truly dead.

        1. I think they did a little mistake upgrading their version of Unity. When you are working on a project in Unity, and you’re almost complete the port or the game, you SHOULD never upgrade the engine to the newest version because it will change many many things like methods, attributes and so on.

          1. Shouldn’t upgrades make the current product better? How the fuck is Yooka-Laylee on Switch even worse than Rocket League? Didn’t they build that shit with care for the Wii U before ditching it?

  2. And it’s horseshit that other platforms has this in physical media. Sorry Ex-Rare but you’re no longer the Rare I use to remember. I’m not buying plus I heard the game sucked.

    1. Well, it makes sense that they have to assess the viability of a physical release. And it makes sense that’d take longer than releasing digitally.

      As a backer I’m glad I can finally play the game and I personally don’t mind the digital version as that is also what I chose to pledge for when I originally backed the project. The physical versions for consoles were only added later in the process and were an extra really..

      At 4-6GB the file size shouldn’t be a problem either.

        1. No, it just makes sense. Using ad hominem as a way to dismiss my argument isn’t going to work.

          I would love the option to switch to a physical version like the opportunity the backers of other console versions had. It isn’t in my personal interest to defend their decision.

          However, it simply does make sense given the costs that come with yet another physical release. They can’t just decide to do that. That’s just how it is.

          Your response shows you’re just angry I have a different opinion and went against the grain of what most people like to complain about.

          Get over it ;-)

  3. I’m glad I don’t care about this game any longer. I stopped caring the moment I started hearing negative things about it. Now it looks as if I would have never bought it for the Switch anyway. Since I only buy physical games. Digital is like flushing money down the toilet. You get nothing to show for it.

    1. ||Soon they will cry and then they will surrender to the Xbots like before and of course be drained completely by them again, then after a few decicycles, they want to join us again…||

  4. I’ll STILL get this game digitally, because I am NOT missing out. I’ll just buy the physical version (when it eventually comes) years later for a reduced price.

    I just hope YOU GUYS aren’t salty enough to prevent a possible sequel or more Playtonic games from ever happening.

    1. Missing out…
      You’ll surely tell us all about your glorious adventures, won’t you?

      I’m sure the Nintendo community and fans alone are detrimental for the survival of this company
      Or are you worried that some of them might be salty enough to bomb their office?

      If physical someday comes out, I might get it from the bargain bin.
      But even then, I might never even play it.

      1. A company can easily end a franchise or their business due to negative backlash, which is what is present here. Bubsy was dead for a long time, Darkstalkers is dead now, and so are so many other franchises.

        However, my only concern now is maintaining my save file, once the physical copy comes and I need to clear space by deleting the digital game.

      2. I’m aware. But those reviews aren’t even relevant anymore since they fixed the game. Why would they go through the trouble if the game was a lost cause?

  5. Request for physical copy, demand is right ————> here <————

    Tbh I really want to play this but I'm still playing through Mario Odyssey (close to 100%) then I intend to play through Xenoblade Chronicles 2 thoroughly, then play Skyrim for the first time ever. So by the time I've got through all this I'm hoping physical will be out. Otherwise I would buy on release this month, but it'll be typical where by I do buy it online then they actually do release a physical copy. So yeah, I'm gunna wait and hope we get one.

    1. So you get to play Xenoblade 2 and Skyrim for the first time? Lucky you! Xenoblade 2 is a masterpiece btw and my runner up to goty, second only to BOTW. Better than Odyssey even. Skyrim is also a masterpiece.

  6. If they’ve fixed the issues with this game, I might just get it for Switch. Then again, if a good majority of Nintendo Switch fans are gonna be salty about the game even after the issues have been fixed, maybe I should get it on my PS4 instead just in case the game not doing well on Switch keeps them from releasing a possible sequel on Switch. I’d hate to have the first game on Switch but not the sequel if & when it releases. I guess it depends on how I feel about it next month.

    1. Or I might just stick with Banjo & Kazooie 1 and 2 in Rare Replay. Well when I get the Xbox One S for a decent price, that is.

    2. In any case, if I do get it, I’ll get it physical first since it is a brand new IP. If I really enjoy it, I’ll sell the physical copy at GameStop & get the game again digitally.

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