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UK: Yooka-Laylee Priced At £34.99 On Nintendo Switch eShop

We heard last week that Yooka-Laylee for the Nintendo Switch is primed and ready and will be releasing on December 14th. Today, Nintendo UK has revealed the pricing for the game which will cost a substantial bit more than its Xbox One and PlayStation 4 retail counterparts. If you want Yooka-Laylee it is going to cost you £34.99. North American pricing has yet to be revealed.



  1. At this point everything over €29,99 is too much in my opinion.
    I won’t support these pricing shenanigans with the Switch versions. Play it fair and I support.

    1. How are they not playing it fair? It sounds like “fair” in this statement means “what sounds nice to me”.

      Nintendo is a video game company. Sony and Microsoft are multi-divisional companies. They can leverage revenue streams from other divisions to lower their demands of software licenses. Nintendo can’t. It’s perfectly fair, especially on a platform that still has a low install base. Prices aren’t just based on the part of the transaction you’re looking at.

      1. If we’re going by that logic, then it’s only fair that playtonic sells less than 100 copies on switch because it’s not the consumer’s responsibility to pay more for games than they usually do, just because either it’s an indie or they want to “maximize profits” or some greedy bs like that.

      2. First of all, that’s just my opinion. I wouldn’t call a price above 29,99 fair. Your opinion about that can be different of course and that’s totally fine. I am a huge Nintendo fan since forever but it’s a multibillion dollar corporation…They can sell this game for 29,99 if they want to and I have no doubt that it would still be profitable. That’s still not a cheap price for this product from a cosumers perspective at this point in time, just a fairer one. This criticism is aimed at Playtonic and Nintendo at the same time. This product can be sold at a more pro consumer oriented pricing and still be profitable. Everything else is just a myth.

  2. Good luck with that. The game got Wii U users shafted, delayed in yhe Switch and got average review scores. With all those things and that price, a big no from me.

    1. Plus the port is piss poor, probably worse than Rime and Rocket League combined and overcharged with no physical release that’ll more than likely fit on a 8GB cart.

  3. Remember when people thought this game would do well enough to get a sequel, with all the “Twokalaylee” stuff? Oh man, those guys must feel pretty disappointed right now XD

    Can’t tell what went wrong exactly but the worlds feel so empty and barren. Apparently the game’s been updated now but too little too late. First impressions are pretty much everything.

  4. Are… Are they setting this up to fail? First the Wii U version gets canned (admittedly understandable), then it takes over half a year to get it onto Switch after behemoths like Mario Odyssey and Chronicles 2 are already out, and now the price is more on Switch than anywhere else?

  5. Why? I know it took longer to develop but it’s the same experience as the other consoles. Maybe a little better shadows, worse resolution, but still the same exact experience.

    1. Just because it’s the same deal on your end doesn’t mean it’s the same deal on their end. What was the base cost of becoming a Switch publisher compared to the projected sales?

  6. Ridiculous price, 10 pound overpriced. I will not be getting it at that price and will wait for a sale. Will be interesting to hear the justification for that price but they have made a big mistake in my opinion and they will sell far less than they would have.

  7. Wait. This game is going to cost 40 bucks on Switch!? *laughs* Hell no! Well looks like I’ll be getting this for the PS4 if I decide to get this game, after all.

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