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Here’s Over 30 Minutes Of Yooka-Laylee On The Nintendo Switch

Yooka-Laylee is hitting the Nintendo Switch eShop on December 14th and preview copies are already in the wild showcasing the game running on Nintendo’s latest gaming platform. Nintendo Impact Gaming have covered the first 30 minutes and you can judge for yourselves whether it’s something you will pick up. We found out yesterday that Yooka-Laylee costs £34.99 on the UK Nintendo Switch eShop. US pricing has yet to be revealed.



  1. Fuck. Watching this makes me want to not buy this game even more. Those character voices are fucking unbearable! I thought they would fix all the issues the game had to justify the port to the Switch. But nope, now we have an inferior looking version of an already pointless game.

  2. Looks like a good game. I don’t know how it looked on other platforms but this looks like a win on the Nintendo Switch.
    Even price is fair. Graphics aren’t 2D cheap 8-bit graphics. It looks polished and rich.
    Next entry must be a Nintendo exclusive though, and Nintendo should think on buying the developer (if that’s their start… future looks promising). ;)

    1. Price and port effort isn’t remotely fair plus not having a physical release is a bite in the ass. What about those backers who were promised such thing? This is Mighty No. 9 on repeat.

      1. As for me you are right only on the absence of a physical edition, but this is a small studio and they can’t risk anything.
        It’s not easy to stand afloat in this world.
        Eventually it isn’t a smart move in the end though.
        Still the game looks good.

        1. They knew the risk, just like they know that their mediocre game would not meet expectations. If they expect to meet any positive notion from Nintendo, don’t half ass the port job and neglect physical release which I checked the total storage of this game, it can easily fit in their 8GB carts and it’s super cheap. They’re excusing every little nonsense they could’ve avoided with actual effort. Sorry but there’s nothing they can say that’ll fool me.

          1. Gee.You’re right. Yooka-Laylee is the scum of the earth. Both it and Playtonic should rot in the fiery depths of hell and never make another game for as long as any portion of the company exists. Such an unholy level of disrespect and no love and effort!

            MOAR CALL O’ DOODIES!!!!!!!!!

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