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Twitch Has Announced Pokkén Tournament DX In-Game Content & Twitch Prime Pokemon Emotes

Twitch Prime has recently launched in Japan, so Twitch is celebrating it with a special announcement. Twitch Prime users all around the world will get monthly content from the top Japanese game publishers, and this month’s content includes stuff from The Pokemon Company.  There is brand new content for Pokken Tournament DX players with some holiday-themed avatar items now available. As for Twitch, there are 12 new Pokemon emotes that Twitch Prime users can use. Twitch gave some codes for the in-game content, so we’ve included them down below. The emotes will be available for Twitch Prime users until January 7th.

· In-game Avatar Holiday Ornament Item

Redeem using code QRRZ7LBS4TDV in-game

· In-game Avatar Male Cat Whiskers Item with 7 color variations

Redeem using code LT48EFNGRBRZ in-game

· In-game Avatar Female Cat Whiskers Items with 7 color variations

Redeem using code L9VPUW8QN9TB in-game

· In-game Avatar Holiday Title Item

Redeem using code 5W6LEN4TNVF5 in-game


Thanks, Metallinatus

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