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Bayonetta 2 Is 12.4GB On Nintendo Switch

If you are wondering how much space the digital version of Bayonetta 2 takes up, Amazon Japan have the answer. A recent listing for the digital version shows that it will take up 12.4GB of system memory. The game is smaller than the digital version of Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U which was 14GB. It is not clear how much space the original Bayonetta will take up on the Nintendo Switch.



        1. Aside from the apparent ownership of the franchise by Nintendo which they should keep it as their own Devil May Cry like game but thanks to Bayonetta 2 popularity, she got in Smash but I wished Shantae made the cut since she’s been with Nintendo for a long time or Krystal. ;3

      1. “}{ Except even if it did, PC can run 4k… }{”

        On a machine that costs $300 new? Because I will happily, excitedly compare a Switch graphically to a new PC that costs $300.

    1. Why would that shut anybody down? That doesn’t prove anything. This is a port, and the Switch has already shown itself capable of running most games that ran at 720p on Wii U at 1080p.

      “Graphics whores” would have shut up about it’s inferiority if it, in fact, wasn’t inferior. Unfortunately for Switch lovers who would love to believe the contrary, the Switch is very lacking in that department. Look at WWE 2k18 for example. It not only looks far worse than other versions, it actually runs in slow motion in matches with more than two players. Entrances run in slow motion regardless.

      1. Regardless, it’s possible with hard work. If Metroid Prime 4 manage to nail 1080p/60FPS, what then?

        Why compare WWE18 of all games? We all know most 3rd parties are usually lazy and hungry for quick profit.

        1. First off, the PS4 and XBO didn’t just have re-masters that first year. In their first year, they had:

          Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag
          Assassin’s Creed: Unity
          Battlefield 4
          Call of Duty: Ghosts
          FIFA 14
          FIFA 15
          Injustice: Gods Among Us
          Killzone: Shadow Fall
          Infamous Second Son
          Dynasty Warriors 8
          Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
          Cel Damage HD
          The Amazing Spider-Man 2
          Child of Light
          Day Light
          Diablo III
          Infamous First Light
          The Evil Within
          Dust: An Elysian Tail
          Dragon Age: Inquisition
          Far Cry 4
          LittleBigPlanet 3
          Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
          Grand Theft Auto V
          Crimson Dragon
          Dead Rising 3
          Forza Motorsport 5
          NBA 2K14
          NBA Live 14
          Rayman Legneds
          Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
          Wolfensein: The New Order
          Valiant Hearts: The Great War
          Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark
          Kinect Sports Rivals
          Metro 2033 Redux
          Metro: Last Light Redux
          Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate
          Forza Horizon 2
          Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
          Alien: Isolation
          Project Spark
          Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
          Lords of the Fallen
          The Wolf Among Us
          Halo: The Master Chief Collection
          Game of Thrones Season One
          WWE 2K15
          Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1
          The Crew
          The re-masters, and they were significant re-masters were:
          The Last of Us Remastered
          Madden NFL 25
          Need for Speed: Rivals
          Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
          MLB 14: The Show
          Watch Dogs
          Oddworld: New and Tasty
          The Walking Dead: Season One
          Nano Asault Neo-X

          I included re-masters in that list just so you can see how much they were they were the minority of games released for them.

          On to your second post, the idea that most 3rd parties are lazy is a myth that you guys keep propagating.

          Between Switch’s handheld modes and the PS4, there is 10-12x differential in power. Even with games that were built with scalability in mind, that is a bigger gap than anticipated and the Switch creates the expectation that games should run at 720p in those mode. It’s asking that a developer scale their games down to work on something comparable to a GT 710 (a $35 card) or below the capabilities of the integrated graphics on some Kaby Lake Pentiums ($60). The engines behind a lot of third party games have been optimized for years on hardware with twice as much memory as the Switch, seven times as much memory bandwidth, and about twice the CPU performance. You’re essentially angry that games were not made with performance on extreme-budget cards from 2014 in mind.

          Lastly, if Metroid Prime 4 runs at 1080p 60fps, that won’t matter. You can reach any resolution and frame rate combination with enough degradation in graphical quality and it’s the exact reason why Metroid will NOT be running at 1080p. Just look at Breath of the Wild. It was a port of Wii U game and it only hit 900p30 with a dynamic resolution. Mario Odyssey was 900p60 to 720p60 with 810p60 being most common and distant NPC’s run at a lower frame rate or get replaced by 2D sprites and it still gets a few minor frame dips. Since Metroid is more atmospheric, it’s not unlikely that Prime 4 will require all the same kinds of performance tricks that Mario Odyssey and more. I wouldn’t even rule out 720p docked ala Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

          1. I’m gonna keep the email link to this comment so I can use it later to see which of those games I might want to add to my digital PS4 collection. All the games from 2015 on PS4 I missed & might have gotten if I had got the PS4 when it first released. (Wish I had since the Wii U wasn’t that great with only a very small handful of games that I actually played. Probably could have traded in the Wii U for some money off the PS4 back then, too…

            1. I didn’t realize my little flub with the “The re-masters were” thing

              But anyway, these were the only last-gen ports on that list:

              Cel Damage HD
              Dust: An Elysian Tail
              Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
              Halo: The Master Chief Collection
              Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

              So I don’t know what you’re trying to get at. Maybe you’re confusing cross-gen titles with ports from last-gen. The difference is those titles were released on current-gen and previous gen platforms at the same time and development was concurrent. Of course the PS4 and XBO versions looked significantly better and I don’t just mean bumps in resolution.

              Also, gotta love how you were praying for Bayonetta to run at 1080p60 when reports today say it’s likely going to run at 720p60. Hopefully they’ll improve the visuals to some degree though.

      2. Wow. That’s bad. Not surprised, though. WWE 2K games take up a lot of data & probably put a strain on the Switch which most likely isn’t much stronger than Wii U. Even if it’s stronger than Wii U, it’s still weaker to PS4 because of the handheld aspect.

  1. … I hope my 200gb SD card can hold me til Nintendo hopefully adds external HDD support…

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