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Capcom Would Like To Port More Games To Nintendo Switch

Capcom has said that they plan to port more games to the  Nintendo Switch given the console’s success with consumers. The company didn’t state which games they were considering but they did mention the idea of porting games not normally found on Nintendo platforms.


    1. Of course. They had to make sure the Switch wasn’t gonna be another pathetic Wii U where they lose more money than they make. Even Nintendo cares about money & is why they ditched the Wii U after 2-3 years & immediately started working on the Switch to replace it.

    1. Yes definatly. I would love resi 4, loved it on the gc and loved it on wii, and I’d def play it on switch. BUT it’s been played a lot over and over by a lot of people on all formats so not sure if it would sell AGAIN well enough

      1. Easy fix: pair it with another Resident Evil game people haven’t played too much. Maybe have it as a bonus game with the Resident Evil 2 remake (which they’ve been working on for some time) since both games have Leon as a main character.

    1. I see you got no respect nor many knowledge of Nintendo’s history. Capcom used to provide Nintendo with amazing games on par with Nintendo’s own first party. Typical millenium fanboy ;)

      1. ||I’m ancient and the keywords you used wereUsed to, meaning that what they did is irrelevant now…||

      2. Well said and spot on. There was a time that both Capcom and Konami were right up there with Nintendo and even surpassed them.

      3. They actually made resi 4 specifically for the game cube to start with, but then obviously brought it to the other formats later on

      4. Look at their recent “support”; basically re-releases of old games from the 90s for the 4 billionth time but where’s the more recent stuff like Ultra SF4, RE4-6 HD, RE7? Thought so.

      5. Blame Nintendo for the lack of support by company’s and even so witouth company’s like capcom you wouldn’t even be playing Nintendo consoles these days. Games like Mega Man, Castlevania and Final Fantasy (Capcom,Konami,Square) got just as much history on Nintendo consoles as Mario , Zelda and Metroid. Back in the days people bought a Nintendo console for all those games not just Nintendo’s first party. Infact all those games felt like Nintendo games and had nothing to do with third or first party. Infact the Snes is considered the best console ever made because of these kind of games. Blame Nintendo for chasing everbody away after the Snes they where stuborn when Sony build them a disc based console otherwise games like Final Fantasy 7 and higher , Metal Gear and so on and so on would still have been on Nintendo Consoles like the nes and Snes.

        1. Even before the PlayStation, Nintendo was pretty much trying to control the 3rd parties & where they put their games. It’s why the Sega Genesis didn’t have many of the games the SNES had was because of Nintendo not wanting them to port their games to the rival company. As much of a shit company Sega has become, they actually were better than Nintendo back then in other ways before everything went to hell for them. Apparently Sega of Japan wouldn’t listen to the CEO of Sega of America and ignored many things he ultimately ended up being right about. If they had actually listened to the guy, we could be seeing a completely different Sega today. Oops. I went a bit off topic there by talking about Sega. lol

        2. Anyway, many people didn’t realize how big of a bunch of assholes Nintendo REALLY were in the 90s. Not to talk bad about the dead but that would include Yamauchi since he was the CEO of all of Nintendo then.

  1. I have a few ideas:

    -Power Stone 1 & 2
    -Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection (the one with all the Darkstalkers games, and Dee)
    -Ultra Street Fighter IV
    -The Street Fighter EX series.
    -Under the Skin
    -Rival Schools

    Just to name a few.

  2. Good thing the Switch has taken off like the Wii, but with a much better game attachment rate, or else this & the thing with Square Enix also promising tons of games wouldn’t be happening right now. I hope Ninty can keep this momentum up for all of 2018 & 2019.

  3. I hopefully waiting for them to port Megaman the Wily wars , Thunder force , F-Zero , Michael Jackson moon walker , The Mask , Boogerman with some new characters which have never seen as games yet like Ace ventura , Captain simian .

  4. This might be an odd pick but I would really love to see the first Lost Planet on the Switch. Including the MP. I loved that game so much. Both modes. Easily among my favourite games of the PS360 era.

  5. RE Code Veronica loved this on the Dreamcast also would love to try RE 7 still puzzled by its absence given the fact they pushed Nintendo for more ram so they could get the engine to run on the switch.
    Breath of fire collection loved these oh and some dead rising Wii UK’s go down well.

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