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Rocket League Collector’s Edition For Nintendo Switch Coming To Retail January 16th

Those of you who have been holding out on buying Rocket League for the Nintendo Switch because you’ve wanted a physical edition will be pleased to hear that the game is coming to your favourite retailer on January 16th in North America. Europe gets the game on January 25th and everyone else on January 26th. Rocket League Collector’s Edition is $10 more on Nintendo Switch than other platforms, which is likely to be due to cartridge costs. Here’s what the collection includes:

  • Rocket League Full Game
  • Supersonic Fury DLC Pack
  • Revenge of the Battle-Cars DLC Pack
  • Chaos Run DLC Pack
  • Aftershock DLC Car
  • Marauder DLC Car
  • Esper DLC Car
  • Masamune DLC Car
  • Customization Items inspired by DC Comics’ The Flash
  • Limited Art Print by Psyonix Concept Artist, Jay Zhang






  1. I just sent this in lol but I’m happy it’s coming physically to the Switch. Definitely gonna re-buy it and then erase the digital version to free up some space….thanks Psyonix

    1. It’s a good thing I waited and they probably did this because the digital sales wasn’t as good as they hoped, further evidence that digital sales versus physical sales are still too huge of a gap to change, at the moment.

      1. Well I’m pretty sure it’s being doing really well digitally since it’s been outselling Super Mario Odyssey on the eShop and has been on the top spot but I do see your point about it selling not massively not they wanted it to. Now with it being sold physically the sales will surely sky rocket (no pun intended) lol

        1. I just hope the performance update actually improves the resolution detail and framerate because in it’s current state, it’s a joke and almost as bad as Rime and Yooka-Laylee

        1. And you’re a special kind of RETARD not realizing how many people are talking about it. Why you think it’s getting a performance update if the problem didn’t exist in the first place? DUMBASS

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