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US: Reggie Says Nintendo 3DS On Track To Sell More Units In 2017 Than Last Year

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime is confident that the Nintendo 3DS is currently on track to sell more units in 2017 than it did in 2016. No doubt sales will have been boosted by the recently released Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon and the cheaper and more affordable New Nintendo 2DS XL. Here’s what he had to say:

Nintendo also said that it is seeing robust demand for its 3DS family of handheld game consoles, which have exceeded lifetime worldwide sales of more than 20.4 million units. “In the United States we’re on track to actually sell more Nintendo 3DS systems this year than we did last year,” Fils-Aime said. “That’s incredible for a system that has been out in the marketplace and is enjoying its seventh holiday right now.”


20 thoughts on “US: Reggie Says Nintendo 3DS On Track To Sell More Units In 2017 Than Last Year”

  1. It’s because of Pokemon and maybe Samus Returns. Okay, maybe not Samus Returns because of the whole AM2R situation and Ultra-Sun/Moon being the same game months ago with BS asspull of alternate dimension villains coming in. What is this? Sonic?

      1. And yet you hypocrite fuckers were high over heels for it when Nintendo carelessly throw that chibi garbage in your faces expecting to like it because it has “Metroid/Prime” in it’s name which it didn’t deserve. PERIOD. In fact, you wanna call AM2R nonsense because it’s fanmade, then tell me. What is Sonic Mania and why it happens to be the highest rated/sold Sonic game in over 15 years and not any of Sega’s “official” games since Adventure 2? It’s because the sad reality of modern game companies today is they don’t know WTF to do or what the general consumers want anymore. It’s all about cashing in on their nostalgia without a care in the world of making true arts and craftsmanship among video gaming design. You what they say about “money is always right?” Let me correct that, it’s consumers/people know what’s right. Corps don’t give a fuck and that’s why they’re failing. I enjoy AM2R a hell of a lot more than playing SR..TWICE.

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||Sonic Mania was worked on by permission from Sega, which makes it official by default…||

          ||You forget your place of who you are talking to, being against AM2R doesn’t automatically make you a supporter of that F”!¤!”!”!#¤ F !”#!”# virus, we are not hypocritical undecisive American human apes…||

          1. That’s because they saw the potential and Sega needed them. Guaranteed if AM2R had the same treatment which it should because the dude worked on it almost alone for 10 goddamn years and was already finished, they could’ve just asked for his build, tweak and port it to both 3DS/Switch, they would’ve made tons of money and restored so many lost faith among fans. Don’t even lie about not having AM2R’s back until Nintendo dropped that obviously hasted SR game and then everyone just ditched that game like if it was a redheaded step child of nothing. This is exactly why I’m still mad at my own fanbase about this. They fucking incredibly biased when something good out of their own comes their way and go instantly 180 if Nintendo gives something that they think they want and turn on each other over it. Why you think I quit Nintendo for 2 years? Part of that reason is the dumbass and blind fanbase who will just eat up any turd Nintendo throw at them and they huddle it like braindead flies.

            1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

              ||It is irrelevant if some pawn worked on anything for 1000 decades or 1 billion years, still not Nintendo and never will be…||

              ||Your feelings or anyone elses are also irrelevant…||

              ||F”%¤%/! F&(/&% is the most irrelevant thing…||

        1. Correction: It’s a freaking DECENT game that’s a lot better than the previous two TRASH but nowhere near the league of accomplishments AM2R set out for. In fact, SR wouldn’t even exist without AM2R being around. If you don’t believe me, look at Nintendo showcasing the game in one of the videos showing the exact same artwork AM2R used in it’s credits roll, then look dead in my eyes and try to tell me with straight face that THAT wasn’t an evidemce of “coincidence” AM2R having to do with Nintendo doing a Metroid 2 remake because of it going public when FF reveal bombed into suckville.

            1. Who said anything about “copying”? They neglected that wonderfully crafted pixel art for that fucking Chibi vomit as an anniversary which is more insulting than Other M ruining the lore and Samus as a character. Don’t even say they C&D it because they were making their own. It’s because they’re purely mad about FF not being the “STFU and enjoy it” solution they hoped for but seeing that the damage from everything else (Star For Zero) is dragging their rep even deeper and closer to hell, they immediately went on to make it with the same devs they also turned down to remake Fusion because they also didn’t give a crap about Metroid when Mercury proposed the idea much like AM2R being made as a message to Nintendo about what fans actually want. Back then, they didn’t care but something big made them flip their casual ass switch in another direction. That’s why SR exists because AM2R had made a solid point from the fans perspective.

    1. Having myself a chuckle at all the “hurr why doesn’t Nintendo kill off the 3DS now that Switch is out” people. Not that I’m saying they won’t quit developing first party software for it in 2018, because they probably will.

      1. They shouldn’t kill it off.
        There’s just toooooooo many people out there that own a 3ds and with the right games they can still ship some serious amount of games for this little official portable. Nows not the time to replace 3ds even though the switch is portable. We’ve still got to think of Nintendo as having 2 main gaming devices. (As has Always been the case since nes/gameboy.)

    2. 3D + dual screens + StreetPass + virtual surround sound speakerphones = its own freaknik market. Looking forward to the 4DS in November 2K19 with Pokémon Rainbow (New 3DS exclusive).

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