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Pikachu Themed Nintendo 2DS XL Also Coming To Australia

We heard yesterday that Nintendo is releasing a special Pikachu themed New Nintendo 2DS XL to celebrate the release of the upcoming Pokemon Crystal on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. It now looks as though the device is also coming to Australia on January 27th. The device will cost you $219.95 and come with an AC adapter in the box.



    1. The only thing that is better on the 2DS XL IMO is the light weight and that it is cheaper. Oh and you don’t need a screwdriver to exchange micro sd cards. I never cared for nor used the 3D. The negative on the 2DS XL are the speaker placement, the screens are super glossy with the whole top being glossy, but matte screen protectors fixed that for me, and the stylus is too short albeit usable. Also the 2ds XL just looks and feels cheaper but i hope it is the same quality as the 3ds line and that it will last as long. The light weight alone is what won me over, even though I like the design of the 3DS XL much better. I hope we get the metal slime 2DS XL here that Japan got. Now that one looks awesome!!!

      1. I have a 2DS XL and you still need a screw driver to exchange SD cards. I’m an Nintendo ambassador, and the only games I have besides the 10 NES and 10 GBA titles were Ace Attorney. Apparently it was too much for the micro SD card to handle when doing a system transfer.

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