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Nintendo EPD’s General Manager Says It Is Too Early To Talk About The Switch’s Success

Engadget recently had the opportunity to chat with Shinya Takahashi who is the General Manager at Nintendo EPD – Entertainment, Planning and Development. The publication talked about the Switch’s incredible success with consumers worldwide, but Takahashi remains cautious and says they are still on the road to success and still have a way to go to get there, but they are definitely on their way.

“We want more people to have these kinds of experiences, so that’s what we have been working towards. But that’s also why I feel that it is too early to talk about our success. Rather, I feel like we are still on the road to that success. We would like to see so many more people having these experiences, and I do believe that we can get there.”

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    1. The last time they only paid attention to their bank account, we got the Wii U. I think it best they pay more attention to user reviews & social media over how much money they got in the bank this time around.

  1. 2018 is going to be decisive in this. Will Nintendo be able to keep up the pace of great titles? Will third parties see decent sales? These things in 2018 will determine the outlook of Switch’s 2021. Will it be NES year five, or Wii’s year five?

    1. Yeah, we have Fire Emblem, Pokemon, and Metroid which are planned for 2018, but knowing Nintendo in the past it’s highly likely they’ll be delayed to 2019. I hope we get a Direct next month showing us some extra goodies to look forward to, like a new Animal Crossing.

      1. Where did you get confirmation that Fire Emblem, Pokemon, and Metroid are planned for 2018? They never specified a release date or release year as far as I’m aware. Saying they will “get delayed” is meaningless because they weren’t intended to be released in 2018.

        1. If you look up literally anything about the games it says Nintendo is planning them for 2018, Metroid and Pokemon in the E3 presentation even. Is this bait?

          1. They’ve pulled back the Metroid 2018 release just days after they admitted it was a 2018 release. Fire Emblem for Switch was promised in the Fire Emblem Direct earlier this year. Pokémon wasn’t excatly comfirmed for 2018? They just stated it was underway and could end up in 2018.

          2. *read past this point for the whole conversation* Considering the guy ends his last comment with “I win.” I’d say yes. He’s baiting you. Only a troll would think they won a debate or argument because the other person was the bigger man, or woman, and walked away from a pointless discussion.

                1. If he really is autistic he probably won’t even care what we have to say to them. Some can be very egocentric and think they’re superior to others, which is what this guy seems to be demonstrating here. Not everyone is like that though, being autistic myself, I only really find myself to be a dick to people if they’re constantly being one to me, but I don’t really hold grudges. I really need to work on my patience when I find people being difficult. I’m just glad that I’ve learned to control myself better than how I did when I was a teen.

      2. They announced them, but that doesn’t mean they will be released in 2018. They just said they were in development. You’re assumption is that they will release the game a year after it is announced. You’re in for disappointment if that’s what you actually believe.

        1. Not at all, I said knowing Nintendo it would be highly likely delayed to 2019, making my hopes for a 2018 very low. I don’t mind either, that would give me plenty of time to try some games out on the PS4.

        1. Just because we aren’t given a release date doesn’t mean something can’t be delayed. It’s called a deadline & sometimes deadlines get extended, creating a delay. So he’s not wrong in using the term delay. The fact your last comment has you stating “I win.” says a lot about you, by the way. So which are you: a random troll or a Nintendo defender?

      3. The fact that you can’t support your argument with evidence says a lot. I suppose the next Zelda will release in 2018 too? They announced that they were already working on that game, so by your logic it should release next Fall.

      4. Yeah maybe next time you go spouting off about Nintendo’s confirmed releases you will have something official to back it up instead of baseless rumors. Live and learn. I win.

      5. @Infinite Kalas Sure, a game without a release date could be delayed, but then who would know about that? It could be delayed internally, but if they never announce a release date to the public, how could any of us possibly know whether a game was delayed? Does your Sony water give you magical prophecies?

        All of you have a flawed logic where you ASSUME the games are coming in 2018 without any confirmation, and then if they don’t you will claim they got delayed. Likewise, if they DO release in 2018 you will say it is because you knew all along even though you don’t. Sony and Nintendo fanboys are so ridiculous.

        1. No powers of prophecy here. Just logical understanding that the development of something has a deadline that could get extended, thus delaying its release date. Not to mention I’ve been a Nintendo fan since the early 90s & my experience has taught me that Nintendo is known to delay their games. Especially their bigger releases. And I didn’t assume anything about a release date for anything. You only assumed I did. I’m merely defending shinygold’s right to use the term delay.

          1. And how could you possibly know a game was delayed without any public confirmation? All they said about Metroid Prime 4 was that it was “IN DEVELOPMENT”. That does not mean it is planned for 2018. With some logical deduction you would know this, since the games that they DID confirm for 2018 had the year “2018” IN THE TRAILER. All you are doing is lying to people by saying we are getting Pokemon, Metroid Prime 4, and Fire Emblem in 2018. Because none of that has been confirmed by Nintendo.

            1. “All you are doing is lying to people by saying we are getting Pokemon, Metroid Prime 4, and Fire Emblem in 2018.” I suggest you re-read my comments. I never said those games were coming in 2018. I was merely defending the other guy’s use of the word delay. *shrug* Whatever, though. I said my piece so I’m out. Have fun with your “win.”

                1. (*sigh* Damn my OCD.)

                  I wasn’t being serious when I said “Have fun with your “win.”” When I put a single word in quotations, I’m saying that word mockingly or sarcastically.

                  1. Look at you, grasping at every last straw you can find, unable to admit defeat. And I thought you were the mature one. I guess I shouldn’t have taken you seriously with a name like “The Sonyendo King”.

                    1. XD I keep coming back because you make such funny snide comments when I’m trying to leave. Please continue this “beatdown.” Do you want a medal, too? lol

  2. I’m glad they aren’t letting the current sales of the Switch go to their head. Hopefully they learned from the last time they let the sales of a system go to their head. *cough*Wii’slateryearsbeingcrap&thepatheticsystemwegotafterwards*cough*

  3. It’s not even early anymore. It’s almost a year old and already surpasses Pii sales and broke Wii’s fast selling record. Those are strong signs of being successful to me. All you have to worry about is keeping up the momentum for as long as you can.

    1. Well, it will most certainty pass the Wii U sales within it’s first year, but it hasn’t beaten it just yet. I feel kind of sad for the Wii U. It had a lot of great games.

      1. It hit 10 million by the end of November, jumping up at least 2.2 million from October’s end which ended at a little less than 8 million. So yeah, it’ll beat that POS Pii U by New Year’s.

    2. With the Switch sales already being close to surpass the Wii U sales, it makes me wonder how many units it will sell when it gets a lot more series on it. Still a long ways to go if we want to reach Wii status, but I know people that aren’t really that much of a gamer that are starting to want one.

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