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Pokemon For Nintendo Switch Will Be Released “2018 Or Later”

We know that GameFreak are hard at work on a new mainline entry to the Pokémon franchise on the Nintendo Switch. What we don’t know is when it’s going to be released. Nintendo’s recent earnings report has listed the game with a release date of “2018 or Later”. Hopefully we might catch a glimpse of it sometime early next year.

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  1. Yea late 2018 or early 2019 are my expectations if it’s later then that I would be disappointed I wonder wt kind of graphic style their going to go with. Cell shaded maybe? Or maybe pokenn style

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      1. There is no way they can make a fully fledged pokemon game for thr switch with pokken style textures. The only reason they could put so much into the models is because its a fighting game. There are hardly any environments to load. With a world as big as a pokemon region, they will have to do simple graphics. But it doesnt matter, whatever they do will be great. Im just mad its probably coming out 2019 now.

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    1. Well, other generations are far more different just like X and Y. I’m still thinking that this game will have another style that they are developing. So, I don’t think it will have a shaded style.


      1. Not necessarily. A “new” core Pokemon would mean it is not going to be a Diamond/Pearl remake.

        I would also doubt it being Gen 8. Or, at least not a regular iteration, because that would kinda step into the 3DS’ territory. Nintendo did say that they were going to keep 3DS alive along with the Switch, and them sharing the standard Pokemon games would kinda harm that vision. Generation 7 really just came out anyway, with Ultra Sun/Moon not even out yet.

        My guess is it’s going to be taking a different form than our standard pokemon games. Like how Metroid Prime took a different form, yet it is definately a core Metroid game. That’s my take anyway.


    1. More like, they’re aiming for the now-standard fall 2018, but since this is the first time they’re developing a mainline for a home console, and since they probably initially expected a fall 2019 release (in line with prior spacing between generations before they realized they need heavy hitters for Switch fast), it’ll be delayed until spring 2019. Reveals have been getting closer and closer to release, so it’ll either be revealed at E3 2018 or late summer. Of course, all just personal predictions of mine.


  2. Well that goes without saying. That’s like Nintendo saying that Metroid Prime 4 will be released in 2018 or later. It’s kind of redundant, because nobody is expecting a Pokemon game that hasn’t even had any screenshots released of it, to release this year.

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      1. Nah, because at least most of those games are good. The SE blueprint involves years of teases and delays and the outcome is always disappointing. 🤣


      2. For the sake of fans, lets hope not, but a game with the amount of hype that KH3 will certainly disappoint more than a few .

        Its not so much that the game was bad (ff15, because i dont think it was) its more of it not reaching the expectations that 10+ years had accumulated.


  3. Unless it’s a new generation or Pokemon Stadium 3 (not Colosseum, XD, or Battle Revolution), it’ll just be another chore to collect Pokemon I already own in Pokemon Sun/Moon.


  4. I still think it’s just gonna be similar in visuals to battle revolution, have the same gameplay and proportions as XD and Coliseum, but then have the world size and mechanics of the regular rpgs.


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