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Digital Foundry Tackle Rocket League On Nintendo Switch

UK tech enthusiasts Digital Foundry have taken on Rocket League for the Nintendo Switch as their latest project. The team concludes that while the game plays beautifully in docked mode, the performance leaves a bit to be desired in handheld mode.

“The game looks stark and barren with shadows totally removed, but again, like Doom and many other Switch titles, the smaller screen and mobile form-factor blunts the worst of the cutbacks. The game plays just as well as it does in docked mode (and indeed on other consoles) and that’s the key really: what you gain by gaming wherever you want more than offsets the visual drawbacks. For our money, the Switch is so compelling because it’s bringing so many great games into the mobile space and when it comes to multi-platform ports, the docked mode is the bonus extra as opposed to the central experience it was initially marketed as.”

“This ‘mobile works best’ scenario is a situation we’ve seen replicated on many Switch titles this year, most recently with Resident Evil Revelations, and of course Panic Button’s own Doom conversion. And perhaps it’s just as well that Switch works so beautifully as a handheld – both PS4 and Xbox One are now significantly cheaper than Nintendo’s hardware, and hooked up to your living room screen, offer a much-improved experience. But what they don’t have are Nintendo titles, and what they can’t deliver is the ability to play excellent games like Rocket League whenever you want, wherever you want. Clearly, Panic Button’s latest port is far from the best way to play the game, but the freedom offered by Nintendo’s hardware design is difficult to ignore.”




    1. It’s almost as if it’s limited somehow by being much smaller than all the other platforms.


  1. Actually, I’m kinda surprised to see a game like Rocket League having this performance being a game that’s not graphical-intense, still, having a blast playing on my Switch

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