Report: New Nintendo 3DS XL Discontinued In Europe And Only 2DS/New 2DS XL To See Restocks

It looks as though 2018 will be the year of the New Nintendo 2DS XL rather than the New Nintendo 3DS XL. A recently report on Reset Era points towards the New Nintendo 3DS XL being discontinued in Europe and retailers focus on shifting the newer New Nintendo 2DS XL and the cheaper Nintendo 2DS. Here’s the shipment numbers courtesy of Shiggy:




    1. Well, it had a good 6 years in the market with us. From a rocky start to something unique that’ll give Switch the torch to carry on in it’s name. Although I wish the Streetpass is still a thing among the Switch platform to give it’s portability more purpose and incentive. 3D however, should remain quietly buried.

        1. 3D is and always will be a fad. Streetpass adds another dimension of content sharing by taking the device with you and simply walk by any players who may be carrying said system/software. Also, Download Play should’ve stayed but I could see why they ditched that feature.

    2. yes because when Nintendo discontinued the original 3ds that was the end of the 3ds family or when Nintendo discontinued the 3ds xl that was the end of the 3ds family or when they discontinued the new 3ds that was the end of the 3ds family. 2017 was a good year for the 3ds and Nintendo themselves even said so. I will agree the 3ds days are numbered but i dont think it’s a soon as you are insinuating

      1. I give it to next holiday and we’ll start seeing the 2DS’s discontinued. Of course huge first party output is already gone after US/UM so it’s basically on life support already.

        1. The 3ds this year has done great. Nintendo normally completely ditches the thing they want to replace before they replace it and that hasnt happened yet

    1. I won’t be retiring my 3ds anytime soon as they’re so many great games on it. Something the switch can’t match but the switch is slowly getting there as it’s games library continously grows.

  1. The end is near. It was truly the best 6 years of my life with a handheld. Crazy how time went by so fast! I was in middle school when the 3DS was released! Sadly, the Switch has dethroned the 3DS as my favorite handheld, but will always be my second favorite. I’ll truly miss the 3DS when it gets fully discontinued.

    1. It has been for a while. If you’ve been paying attention it’s been quite a bit of time since we’ve seen a big 3DS exclusive from one of Nintendo’s internal first party teams. Almost everything this year was outsourced to a third party or made by a second party.

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