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Rumour: Job Posting On Creatures Inc Hints At Pokemon Switch Created with Unreal Engine

A recent rumour has popped up on Reddit regarding the highly anticipated Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch. A job posting published on Creatures Inc website shows a screenshot of Pokemon created using the magnificent Unreal Engine 4. A lot of Japanese developers are using Unreal Engine 4 for their games, so it would make sense for the Pokemon Company to do the same.


“Screenshot shows Unreal Engine 4 (and something that looks like a visual shader editor, I’m not really familiar with UE) and a high-poly Pikachu 3D model on the left.

The Job posting site:

They mention Maya (3D modeling program by Autodesk), Unity and UE. However, the image and the fact that other 1st party games are made with Unreal (Yoshi) suggest that Pokemon might use it as well.”



  1. This is great news if it’s true and it would explain why Gen 7 is such an underwhelming set of games. Gen 8 being huge would just be proof that 7 was literally just filler so the gap between games wouldn’t be so large.

    1. It really doesn’t matter that this article is real or not. It did not take that much resource to make ultra sun and moon. And theres usually a new pokemon game every year. I’m almost certain that switch pokemon will release next year.

  2. First person view or top down optional, start with the first generation then work through the content to completion. It should also have the follow feature from SoulSilver/HeartGold.

    Also it would be nice to experience a MMO play style when playing, make it feel like you’re NOT the only trainer in the world, not even on a large scale.

    1. The follow feature would be great. I won’t hold my breathe, though… :/

  3. am feel pity for those drones who actually belive gamefreak will allow creatures to help them develop that pokémon game..
    they only develop silly spin offs…
    paidenthusiast, i apologize for bursting the bubble…
    someone had to do it..

    – Church of Sasori

  4. This is very interesting for this screenshot pop up out of no where. This is really fantastic that they are using the right tools for the Pokemon​ for Switch unreal engine 4.

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