Here’s Donkey Kong Country 2’s Bramble Blast Level Remade By A Fan In HD

YouTuber BlobVanDam has recreated the famous Bramble Blast level from the incredible Donkey Kong Country 2 in HD. As you would expect the end result is lovely and shows just how much this game could benefit from a full remaster, though it’s unlikely to ever happen. Have a watch below and let the memories come flooding back:

Thanks to Eric R for the news tip!


  1. I wouldn’t mind see Retro Studios give the first 3 DKC SNES games the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy treatment by taking cues from this video and remake the games for the Switch.

    1. Hell yes. No new 3rd DKC “insert subtitle” but them remastering the original trilogy (DONT CHANGE THE MUSIC except for the 3rd game) for the Switch. I would love that. :3

    1. It’s the music in that level. It’s always been the music. Otherwise, this level is definitely one of the worst in the franchise.

    1. Horrid animations? lol Are you on drugs? This is one of the best fan made stuff I’ve seen in while, since AM2R. Of course if it were official, it will see improvements. This one is just a passionate fan reimagination and a damn good one.

  2. Normally I’m not into fangames that try to show off the graphical engines, but this is an exception because it actually 100% looks like the original game.
    It’s like they used the same graphics engine for the SNES if they used HD renders as opposed to pixelated filters.

  3. If not for the music in this level, many, myself included, would ignore this level as one of the worst in the franchise’s history. But that fucking music! D:< It's so beautiful! D:

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