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Death Squared Gets A 500% Boost In Sales On Nintendo Switch During Christmas Period

Indie game are doing particularly well on the Nintendo Switch at the moment and another example of this is Death Squared. The developers behind the game have stated that the title has received a 500% boost in sales during the Christmas period, which is extremely encouraging. The developers are slightly staggered as the game received very little promotion.


    1. Uh… No. “Up 50%” does not mean sales are halved, it means they’re 1 and a half times. If sales are up 100% it doesn’t mean they’re steady, it means sales have doubled. God’s sake.

      1. “Sales of Death Squared on Switch up 5x (or 500%!!!!”
        if up 500% = x5, then up 50% = x0,5.
        According to Death Squared dev team. Also its funny how no one reads an article post they are commenting below xd

    1. ||No, especially since this tribe barely cared to advertise it to begin with so why should you?…||

  1. I HATE when percentages are used with no numbers to back it up. Talk about giving out half of the information.

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