Super Mario Land 2 DX Which Is A Full Colour Mod For Super Mario Land 2 Available Now

If you’ve been yearning to play Super Mario Land 2 in full colour then you’ll be grateful to know that Super Mario Land 2 DX has been released. The game, which is a rom hack by Toruzz, has been coded from the ground up in ASM, and is now available for download. You can check it how well it has been done in the video below. Here’s what you need to know thanks to Reset Era member, Rich.

  • SML2 in full colour, just as if Nintendo had made a DX version themselves.
  • Extra CPU of the GBC made full use of – no more signs of slowdown. As such, the game will only work on a Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Player.
  • Luigi playable with distinct physics.



      1. Wow. Michael must have one sad, pathetic life if one or two oddballs is really making it so hard for him to comment here. As Metal Face would say…

  1. Nintendo is sooooo cracking down on this. Nevertheless, I’m going to attempt to play this modificiation. I absolutely loved the original Super Mario Land 2 on the 3DS.

  2. It’s a fun little hack. It’s going to be taken down in 3.. 2… 1… but it’s little hacks like this that Nintendo probably has no time for but would make re-buying classic games for the 100,000,000th time a little more palatable.

  3. And Macro Zone freezes your game upon entering.

    But I appreciate the effort put into this project. I just want to play through the game.

  4. Unless Nintendo is making their own colored version of the game that they intend to sell to us at a later date (like what happened with AM2R getting shut down because Nintendo was also making their own remake of Metroid 2), I don’t see why they would shut this down.

  5. I don’t like taking sides but, Quadraxis does go a bit too far with the rp, I understand he loves a franchise but treating it like a full scale war is kind of proving Micheal’s point right. I know people like to pretend in their own little fantasy world but when it gets too much people will lash out as we clearly saw.

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