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Hamster Planning To Release 800 Arcade Archives

Hamster CEO Satoshi Hamada recently told Famitsu that the company plans to release a staggering 800 Arcade Archives titles. To date there are currently 50 of them available to play on the Nintendo Switch. It’s certainly an impressive goal, that’s for sure.



    1. But arcade archive only takes care of game release in arcade so don’t depend on them for gb gbc gba games since most that got to arcade was nes or snesgames

    1. I expect we will. Hewever, it will (in my opinion) be released some time after the paid online service is active. After all, NES and SNES games with online multiplayer are confirmed.

  1. I’m way too lazy to mess around with MAME at the moment so I would love more home conversions of NeoGeo games, and Capcom CPS 1/2/3 games if that’s what they are going for as well.

  2. I’d be happy if their current releases had online play. KoF 98 not having online is one hell of a missed opportunity.

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