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Nintendo Talks About The Problems They Had Faced With Developing The Switch

Nintendo has created a fine system with the Nintendo Switch blending home console gaming with handheld. However, it wasn’t a simple process to create the platform and the team encountered a few issues and limitations.

In which parts of the development did you have hardships at? 

Koizumi: In any rate it was the battle against “balance.” Coming from a game software developer, there is a strong demand to make it a hardware with simply high specs by employing good memory and GPU. Personally, as I am also a software developer, I do have the desire to do that.

On the other hand, we also had to make it light and small so that it can be carried outside, and also with a cool design. We need to consider the price and life time of batteries as well. Furthermore, there is a deadline in the development period, and development resources in our company are also limited. The most difficult part was on how to take an overall balance while we were getting entangled with all of those in complexity.



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