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Video: Source Gaming Looks At Zelda Breath Of The Wild Timeline Theory

The hardworking team over at Source Gaming have taken another look at The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and have dissected a new timeline theory based on recent information from Nintendo. Have a watch below and see if you agree with their findings!


      1. Commander, I am reviving this halfyear-old communications link to address a potential issue.

        We currently have at least two seemingly unofficial “Nintendo First Order”-members, one ‘Reaver’ and one ‘Officer’, neither of which follow our creed wit of communication..

        Do we best establish a new orginization?
        Or should we somehow proclaim our status as the true members?

        1. ||Reaver is official but Officer not really…||

          ||I will probably do something soon…||

          1. You should make Officer an official member of your group as he’s doing a splendid job defending Nintendo. I don’t agree with everything he defends them on but he seems trustworthy enough.

  1. Interesting theory. But it’s just that: a theory. If that is what is happening with BotW, I’m sure Nintendo will reveal it to us sooner or later. (Hopefully…)

  2. I tend to agree with the theory that all three of the timelines converge over time into one again, like the base at the beginning. As off the wall as that sounds, I would rather that be canon than the other games only being “legends.” That’s just terrible.

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