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Rumour: Random Switch Titles Are Being Listed On Amazon Ahead Of Possible Direct In January

We don’t know for sure, but it is rumoured that we will be getting a Nintendo Direct sometime in January which will hopefully show us some of the games Nintendo has cooking for 2018. Interestingly, Amazon has started to put up unnamed placeholders up for a variety of Nintendo Switch titles. It’s a bit bizarre but hopefully all will be made clear in the coming weeks.

28 thoughts on “Rumour: Random Switch Titles Are Being Listed On Amazon Ahead Of Possible Direct In January”

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    1. I’m still waiting for you to get your own main game that talks about you more, the developers did wanted you to tell a story in captain toad, but they scrapped it and made it a prequel of 3d world

  2. Most likely prices for ordinary version while the $90 priced tags are special editions. I don’t see myself getting excited over any western triple A game on that list, excluding Wolfenstein 2 or Fallout 4 for the Switch, given how western triple A games have been MTX happy lately, Japanese games on the other hand O_O

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  4. I am hoping one of those is a new mainseries Animal Crossing game. Would really love to see a new installment, especially since ACNL came out in 2013 (2012 in Japan), so…I think enough time has passed to warrant a new AC game.

  5. Nintendo will only be selling Nintendo stuff, they never become the new because, if people actually had a brain amazon sell other things apart from gaming stuff, it’s a marketplace where business put a block load of stuff to sale and what gets sold amazon take a % of it

    1. That’s not how retail works. Retailers (like Amazon) purchase the product from the manufacturer (Nintendo) then resell it to the customer. Theres no percentage of profits

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