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Rumour: Random Switch Titles Are Being Listed On Amazon Ahead Of Possible Direct In January

We don’t know for sure, but it is rumoured that we will be getting a Nintendo Direct sometime in January which will hopefully show us some of the games Nintendo has cooking for 2018. Interestingly, Amazon has started to put up unnamed placeholders up for a variety of Nintendo Switch titles. It’s a bit bizarre but hopefully all will be made clear in the coming weeks.


  1. I’m expecting a direct.
    Please reveal something to do with DK.
    It’s a matter of time, BUT now would be nice

      1. So that’s what you think switch title 27 is more innovate heck I even heard it’s your going To have to pay to pay dlc for majority of stuff you do on it

    1. I’m still waiting for you to get your own main game that talks about you more, the developers did wanted you to tell a story in captain toad, but they scrapped it and made it a prequel of 3d world

  2. Most likely prices for ordinary version while the $90 priced tags are special editions. I don’t see myself getting excited over any western triple A game on that list, excluding Wolfenstein 2 or Fallout 4 for the Switch, given how western triple A games have been MTX happy lately, Japanese games on the other hand O_O

  3. I am hoping one of those is a new mainseries Animal Crossing game. Would really love to see a new installment, especially since ACNL came out in 2013 (2012 in Japan), so…I think enough time has passed to warrant a new AC game.

  4. Nintendo will only be selling Nintendo stuff, they never become the new because, if people actually had a brain amazon sell other things apart from gaming stuff, it’s a marketplace where business put a block load of stuff to sale and what gets sold amazon take a % of it

    1. That’s not how retail works. Retailers (like Amazon) purchase the product from the manufacturer (Nintendo) then resell it to the customer. Theres no percentage of profits

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