Happy New Year From My Nintendo News

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you for supporting and visiting My Nintendo News in 2017. 2018 should be a fantastic year for the Nintendo Switch with more and more developers pledging to support the popular platform. We’ve yet to hear what Nintendo has in store for fans, but hopefully all will be revealed in the next Nintendo Direct presentation. I hope you all have an incredible year and I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for Nintendo fans.

Thank you all,

The team at My Nintendo News


  1. Happy New Year everyone!
    Been here since the “Wii 2” days (News about the WiiU before its announcement). xD

    Cheers… Here’s to some great games for the switch and less bad stuff happening in the world!

    1. I joined during the first year of the Wii U. (I was one of the Nintendo fanatics that thought the Wii U was going to destroy the competition & was sorely disappointed to the point I was woken from my delusion that Nintendo was the greatest when they were the second best after N64.)

  2. Happy new year to all of you.

    Thank you Ambassadors for let us know the news about Nintendo

    Thank you commander Quadraxis for let me join the First Order

    And thank you Nintendo fans for follow the news from MNN

      1. Let this year be a year with a Metroid Prime 4 trailer and a 2D DK and 3D DK reveal trailers.

  3. Happy New Year MNN! Thank you for 2017, and looking forward personally to mobile news and the potential that KH3 & FF7 release on Switch so I can buy one.

  4. Happy New year, I have been reading this site since 2013, I’m glad to still read it until today. ^^
    Have an awesome year!

  5. Happy new year! Been here since 2013 so I’ve hit my 5 year mark with this place! (Yay!) Of course, I’m gonna cut down on how much time I spend here in the comments. Thanks to my PS4, I got a freaking big backlog of games on it which is only gonna grow with Monster Hunter World on the horizon & others either coming to or already on the system, small backlog on my 3DS, & I’m behind 3 of my 4 games on Switch. (Technically 4 since I got the story expansion for BotW to do.)

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