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Rumour: Apparently The Next Nintendo Direct Could Possibly Happen On January 11th

We all assume there’s a Nintendo Direct coming this month but we just don’t know when. The aim of the next Nintendo Direct will presumably be to showcase the games Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS owners can look forward to throughout the year. Reset Era member John Harker has said that he’s heard it’s happening on Thursday, January 11th. While it’s not concrete information, Nintendo Direct dates have leaked before on forums such as NeoGAF. As always we shall have to wait and see once the team at Nintendo PR are back at work.

I knew it was scheduled for the 11th.

Though I’ve been on vacation for awhile, so dunno if any of the timing has changed because I’ve been out of the game for a bit and haven’t bothered to talk to anyone about it ::shrug::




  1. I’ll take anything on Metroid Prime 4, Super Smash Bros. 5 (or Smash Bros. 4 for Switch), and (because it’s me) Mega Man Legends 3.
    Plus, whatever unexpected shocking new year’s surprise they pull out of their bu… err, sleeves.

  2. Some Metroid news please!… F-Zero, Starfox, MK9, Smash 5 and Pikmin4 announcement! New games! Somebody make a awesome FPS for switch with split screen like old Goldeneye :p

  3. Although I’d rather see a Luigi’s Mansion 3 first, I’d actually like a sequel to Captain Toad. My wife and daughter had a blast playing that together.

    1. Same the developer actually did tease a sequel I think they might port the orginal because the orginal didn’t get that much love because it was on the Wii U, just to hype us up for a sequel

      1. Maybe. It’s not very replayable like Mario Kart or Pokken, so you’d get a lot less people rebuying it. I’d rather see them include the first campaign remastered in the sequel. That’d be a nice move.

    2. You be surprise there still people who play Mario kart 8 deluxe all the time, in fact Mario kart 8 deluxe is the fastest mario kart game in history, pokken tournament even sold more then its Wii U counterparts, all Wii U ports on the switch have sold more then Wii U counterparts which is why Nintendo said they’ll continue to port Wii U games over

      1. Right, my point was that Captain Toad isn’t like those games. Those are both games with active online communities and are worth playing over and over. Captain Toad is a puzzle game which is hard to go back and replay once you’ve already done it and know the solutions. I rebought and still play Mario Kart, but I wouldn’t buy a Captain Toad port. So I think there’d be a lot less people buying it a second time, and that means they’d be only making it to sell to people who missed it last gen. They might do it, but I’d be surprised if they did. Now Mario Maker or Smash? That wouldn’t surprise me.

        1. I don’t know many people frogopus captain toad Wii U even has its own speed runs and stuff what I mean to say I don’t think about the game overall just captain toad character many people love him and all his quotes in Mario odyssey even teases him getting a switch, not a lot of people didn’t get to play captain toad and there are pretty much more switch owners then . Wii U owners so I was just saying its most likely to sell well because a lot of people didn’t get to experience the game I only got to play a demo of it since I don’t own a Wii U

  4. It would be nice if Nintendo finally showed previews of at least 2 future 1st party titles. Pikmin 4 and Metroid just something we never seen yet.
    Or new images of the next Yoshi.

    And mention Pokemon Switch and Smash brothers. But, it’s not going to happen.

    1. Me neither. Knowing them they will unveil a 2 new tracks for Mario Kart 8, a new Weapon for Splatoon and new stages. I bet you that’s all they going to do.

  5. I need to hear about some good games coming out. As of now, there’s no good games that I know of that’s coming out on the Switch. I want Pikmin 4, Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and a new Mario Baseball and Mario Golf game (and it better have mini golf back in it). But I don’t have much faith that this Direct will have anything I care about (again).

  6. Remember folks, don’t walk in with any expectations or hype. You’ll be shot down possibly. This isn’t gonna be some epic reveal like the GOOD E3 (still trying to forget 2015)

      1. That’s where I learned that lesson. After 2015 when I ultimately just gave up at the time, when I came back for 2017, I just skipped watching E3 until the videos went live and started browsing through…that is until I saw Prime 4 and lost my shit. XD

  7. I am seriously hoping for a new Animal Crossing game. Been replaying ACNL quite a bit, and I find that game is starting to get a bit dull, so I SERIOUSLY think it is time for a new Animal Crossing game. If they do not announce it come the next Nintendo Direct, then I am going to be a tad disappointed. Sure we haven’t heard any confirmation they are working on the next Animal Crossing game, but I still think enough time has passed for us to get a new mainline Animal Crossing game on the Switch.

  8. I just want a new trailer of Metroid Prime 4 and a reveal trailer of a 2D and 3D Donkey Kong. Although I know they’re probably leave Metroid Prime 4 for E3.

  9. Don’t really know what to expect I’m just happy my favorite video game company is making big noise again.

  10. I won’t hold my breath but…
    Top hopes will be for some tease about Animal Crossing and any updates on Metroid Prime 4.
    Kinda wanting a new Mario Kart too. :)

  11. I could list for an hour about what I would like to see. What do I expect to see? Not much a handful of months before they’re expected to have a big E3 direct. I woud expect updates on the games we already know are coming 2018, and a reveal of whatever Retro’s been up to, probably a 3D Donkey Kong.

  12. I think the direct will show the following with release dates:
    Mario Maker DX
    New Yoshi or Kirby game
    Fire Emblem Port (maybe Gamecube version)
    An FPS port maybe COD collection.
    Then the Online/Subscription service.
    To finish with either here comes a new challenger promo or a small teaser for Prime 4

    1. I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. Nintendo will dig the dirt on upcoming games for the Switch and 3DS family of systems later this month. For now, lower your expectations.

      1. I agree but are already expecting either Kirby or yoshi Q1, Now is the ideal time for Mario maker cash in on the odysses buzz. Agree fire emblem is a long shot but a remake would tie people over.

  13. The Assassin’s Creed: Nothing is true; everything is permitted. My Nintendo Creed: Expect nothing; hope for the best.

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