Nintendo Lucky Bags Are On Sale In Japan Where You Get To Pick 2 Switch Games

In Japan, Fukubukuro Bags (also known as Lucky Bags) are currently available to purchase at retail. Along with a load of awesome, yet random, Nintendo goodies which are sure to go down well with avid Nintendo fans, consumers get to choose 2 Nintendo Switch games to get bundled in – all whilst saving some cash in the process. Facebook user Joel Legaspi Enriquez‎ has shared photos of one of the Nintendo Lucky Bags he purchased in Kyoto, Japan and you can see his pictures below. The bag costs 10,800 yen which translates into $96 which means there’s a saving of roughly $12 per game.

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    1. You’re right. Just so that you don’t lose time with him in case he may reply you, I will tell you its name: its Pinwheel.

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