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Bizarre Third-Party Pro Controller Has A Striking Resemblance To The Ouya Controller

It’s easy to come to the conclusion that a Pro Controller for the Nintendo Switch might be too pricey for a gamer on a budget, especially when considering how its RRP is still around $69.99. Of course there are cheaper alternatives; with many of those alternatives limiting the player to a wire from their TV, or being a sort of rendition of classic Nintendo controllers.

Coming by way of Chinese manufacturer ViGRAND (a company known for their clones of USB NES controllers), is a controller which takes inspiration from an unlikely system. Rather than adapting the seemingly flawless ergonomic design of the Nintendo Pro Controller, they have instead decided to adapt the controller from the Ouya Android console.

The controller, which boasts a battery life which lasts up to three hours, has almost all the same functionality as the Nintendo Pro Controller variant, yet lacks the NFC reader which enables Amiibo functionality.

At the time of writing, the controller is currently sold out, but usually retails at $24.99 via sellers on AliExpress.


19 thoughts on “Bizarre Third-Party Pro Controller Has A Striking Resemblance To The Ouya Controller”

    1. I’d say the N-Gage is more akin to the Wii U, it was a good concept hindered by a clunky execution and a lackluster library of games, but both were perfectly acceptable pieces of technology that had their merits.

      The Ouya was a complete scam, bargain bin components, bad quality materials, hundreds of shitty apps trying to pass as games, the worst controller ever devised by the human mind.

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