A Woman From Florida Is Planning To Marry Tetris

There’s no doubt that Tetris has played an important part in many people’s gaming lives growing up. Popping the cartridge in my Gameboy and playing the game for hours all whilst begrudgingly battling with motion sickness on long car journeys is certainly one of my fondest gaming memories.

A woman from Florida, however, likes the game so much that she is planning to marry it.

20-year-old Noorul Mahjabeen Hassan (who prefers to be known as Fractal Tetris Huracan) is planning to tie the knot with her favourite game of all time after she graduates. A commitment ceremony with friends in attendance will also be taking place.

Her love for the retro puzzler started in September of last year. Fractal explains how her affection towards Tetris manifested:

‘It started when I would play this game called Smash Run and I would hear the Tetris theme and I thought it was nice. Every time I heard it I would want to play Tetris. All I did was play this game and kept thinking I want to play Tetris. ‘I think Tetris is so beautiful, he is about perfection and he stimulates your mind. Physically I get that feeling that people in relationships get – that you know they are the right one.’

As well as Pierre (a calculator), Fractal has also had relationships with a Companion Cube from Portal, and an oscilloscope called Braxton.

You can read more about her story here.





    1. As weird as this occurance is in it self, which definitely is an extreme amount, I have another issue with her train of thought (or lack there off).
      She found out about Tetris while playing Smash Run…
      That is at earliest October 2014, which means that she has no relationship to the original Tetris from a younger age.
      She merely found a game, however good it might be, and within a little over 3 years she decided to marry it.

      This is not the heart of the problematics here, but it certainly makes it even stranger…

  1. I think instead of letting her continue with these kinds of “relationships” like it’s normal, she probably needs some psychiatric attention :/

    1. How? What is your course of action? Unless she is causing physical harm to herself or others, you can no longer lock someone up in a mental hospital and strap them to shock therapy. If she sought treatment, she could probably get some treatment. But until that day, there’s no not “letting” them do something.

      While certainly atypical, people do self destructive and treatable things all the time without getting help, whether its drugs, alcohol, inappropriate relationships, etc. This is no different, although I’m sure there’s a resident physician out there who’d love to present a poster on this or something.

      1. If you’re talking to me, I never said she needed to be strapped down and shocked. I’m saying they shouldn’t let her MARRY the game. That’s just wrong and I take offense at the mistreatment/corruption of marriage. If she wants to “have a relationship” with the game (or any other inanimate object), fine whatever, she’s not hurting anyone. But allowing her to marry it is just dumb. There’s clearly a disorder in there somewhere, and planning to marry the game just brings it to light.

        1. It was an exaggeration, since that’s the only way you’re going to not “let her continue these relationships. I’m trying to understand who the “They” is that you want to somehow not let her do this.

          I assumed it was obvious she was NOT marrying an object in any legal, government recognized sense. An object is incapable of generating a taxable income or assisting with the household, so you shouldn’t get a tax break. It doesn’t require hospital visitation rights or any of the other benefits granted by the government to married couples. An object cannot give consent. Therefore, this is not a legally recognized ceremony. But there’s nothing you can do to stop her from personally calling it a marriage. I could go have a ceremony today and marry a potato (my wife would probably be a little upset) and the government couldn’t stop me, but they may arrest me for tax fraud if I put it down on my taxes.

      1. I wonder what makes them act that way? Perhaps is an incomplete information in her DNA that has caused this strange behavior in her.

        1. I honestly wouldn’t have the first clue. I do believe this kind of behaviour shouldn’t be encouraged though. If I was acquainted with this person, I’d have to suggest they seek professional help.

      2. ||The most insulting thing is that this human female thinks machines have gender, machines do not have any pathetic gender…||

      3. No, they’re not legally recognized. As you said, marriage requires two consenting adults. Think of the tax implications: there are a lot of financial benefits to being married. Every single guy would be marrying his TV remote, checking off “married, filing jointly” and enjoying the extra $6,350 deduction on his taxes (in the US).

        1. Spot on. Plenty of other logical complications too, but it honestly wouldn’t surprise me to find out some countey legally recognizes these “marriages”. Not with all the other illogical stuff we accept these days.

      4. You’re right, they need professional help. If you watch the video that shinygold2 put below you’ll find that these people suffered terrible things when they were kids.

    1. I wonder if dismantling the system counts as homicide, and selling the system counts as slave trade.

      1. Commander, this does not compute! My training didn’t prepare for this!

        1. ||We do not care about such primitive matters, unless it is an.Xbot or Pretendo that must be destroyed…||

  2. Psych ward… where’s the family of this girl. Its obvious she has snapped and needs help. As the Tetris Cartridge, she’ll be done with it after It no longer plays due to moisture exposure.

  3. Still not as bad as the guy who married his Twilight Sparkle plush claiming it was the real one, then proceeded to yell at rule 34 artists for sexualizing his “wife”.

          1. It’s sad because these people used to be the minority among the fanbase and had their own separate term as being a clopper rather than being the average brony, but as time went on when normal people like TheLivingTombstone lost interest and left the community, these people have become so prevalent that “clopper” and “brony” have become synonymous. Sometimes I feel bad for the voice actors who have to mess with some of these fans at cons, especially the ones who never shower.

    1. @shinygold2 WHAT!? O_O This world would not reach 2100 if weird things like this continues to happen.

    2. Blech. I have an animatronic Twilight Sparkle toy hidden in my workshop for my kids birthday coming up. I could have gone without seeing this.

      She’s mostly into the toys and is a bit young for the show, but still, the shows pretty good. I won’t mind watching it with her when she’s older. I’m not saying I want to get a costume and hit up some cons, but yeah. Blech.

      1. Yeah, the show is actually pretty decent, makes me think of a cross between Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and Powerpuff Girls in some way. The most recent season or two are actually pretty boring and even somewhat terrible though.

    1. Actually this is a case of objectumsexual (attracted to certain objects). It is really rare but it needs psychological and psychiatric treatment even if the whole article doesn’t say so.

  4. To be honest, this isn’t THE DUMBEST thing to do with Tetris. Making a trilogy movie based on a puzzle game about falling blocks with no plot whatsoever, now THAT’S stupid.

  5. The best she could do for the Tetris cartridge is “blow” it…..let that sink in for a second


  6. Why’d ya have to include 4th that she’s from Florida ? We get all the craziness lol

    It’s perfectly normal. Folks in Japan are already getting married to body pillows, life sized dolls, and Nintendo DS’s. I’m perfectly used to this ish now.

  7. And some people scream gay people are ruining the sanctity of marriage. Pfft! Yeah. And I’m fucking Elvis Presley!

      1. True. The sanctity of marriage was ruined by straight people using it to gain power and/or land in ancient times long before gay people were allowed to marry.

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