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Nintendo Has No Plans To Bring Back The Nintendo Power Magazine

Much to the delight of Nintendo fans around the world, Nintendo Power was resurrected in the form of an official Podcast towards the end of last year. NintendoLife got the chance to interview hosts Chris Slate and Kit Ellis soon after the first episode of Nintendo Power aired and, unfortunately, part of the conversation highlighted some not-so-welcome news. For the time being, Nintendo has no plans to bring back the Nintendo Power magazine.

“There are no plans to bring the magazine back, it’s a challenging industry to enter these days” Chris states.


15 thoughts on “Nintendo Has No Plans To Bring Back The Nintendo Power Magazine”

  1. Makes logical sense to me. Print media is a dying format as it’s far easier and more lucrative to put out podcasts, make a video series, a blog or one’s own website these days. Magazines and newspapers are going the way of the dinosaur, much like terrestrial radio and cable TV.
    Even so, Nintendo Power is still very nostalgic.

  2. Nintendo Power was the greatest game magazine ever. I still have all of my issues (every issue except for some from the first year). It’s sad to think it’s never coming back. But I’m not surprised. A part of me is glad because I don’t want to worry about storing more magazines. But I do wish Nintendo would have continued the Player’s Guides at least. Instead of leaving it all to Prima Games.

    I’ll always be proud of the fact that I had a few letters printed in Nintendo Power (EGM as well).

  3. It’s the way for every magazine unfortunately nowadays.
    Tech and the internet.
    Although this is a bit off subject there’s this redicolous advert on tv at the moment with some bloke drawing on his lap top screen saying it feels so much like pen and paper. Why not get an actuall pen and an actuall peice of bloody paper.

    1. Its obviously a bad advert because it is never the same drawing on a screen than on paper. If that was true, then everyone would already be only drawing on laptops and smartphones.

  4. Nintendo First Order Recruiter Zscout1288

    Quick question, would it be ok if I post a link to Nintendo Force (fan mag) in the comments?

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