Zelda: The Wind Waker Prototype May Have Been Found

A potential Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker prototype has been discovered by a user on Assembler Games.

The user Bowser22 claims to have the prototype on NRmedia and added that “the title screen includes a gold Zelda logo and the word confidential in place of the copyright as well as the debug console enabled.” Here’s a screenshot below:


Some users have speculated that it isn’t real and it is yet to be confirmed as a legitimate prototype, however, as one user pointed out, if it is real, it could be worth thousands.

You can see more on the original post here.




  1. Maybe I’m reaching, and admittedly I’m often a big skeptic, but..

    The placement of confidential. Why would that be aligned with the Nintendo logo? Like, wouldn’t that logo be its own asset typically and it be much more work to throw in confidential (with different font and attributes) next to it, versus, placing the confidential watermark on its own thing? What I’m getting at is, it seems more likely for someone to fake confidential by placing it in that area, than it does for someone creating that screen to put Confidential there.

    Could be real, though! Maybe. Nah.

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