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Paris Hilton Really Wants Nintendogs On The App Store

Paris Hilton still seems to be very fond of the original Nintendogs. In a tweet sent out over the weekend, the American celebrity expressed that she really wants the Nintendo DS simulation game to be added to the App Store. The tweet also included an image of the official cover art for Nintendogs: Chihuahua & Friends. You can check it out below:

29 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Really Wants Nintendogs On The App Store”

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||True but this, human, actually has a great idea to appeal to the cattle masses for more resources…||

    1. I don’t know but you know what not everyone can touch dogs in real life most people are allergic to pets so this is there best alternative to play with them

  1. Paris is always making the same exact expression in her face every time I see her. Like, she has no emotions. Only difference is that sometimes her mouth is slightly grinning, and other times she’s not. First time I ever heard of her was way back when I subscribed to STAR magazine for about a year. I got SO sick of seeing her blah face in nearly every issue.

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