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Atooi Considering Bringing Chicken Wiggle To Nintendo Switch If There’s Enough Interest

Chicken Wiggle for 3DS released last year but was unfortunately met with poor sales. The developer, Jools Watsham at Atooi, cited the Switch’s console release window and subsequent high-interest in the new console as two of the reasons as to why it underperformed. Now, Atooi is gauging interest via Twitter to see if fans would like to see it on Switch. Dubbed Chicken Wiggle: Re-Hatched, Watsham has stated that the project would need to be funded via a Kickstarter campaign if the game was to ever see the light of day on Nintendo’s latest console. Chicken Wiggle: Re-Hatched would come with a level editor, an online sharing feature and updated HD visuals.


  1. There’s probably not.
    If you’re not confident with bringing your game to a ~10M install base, then FU.

    1. ||Several flaws with this tribal weapon: the title starts with lowercase letters, the name is uninspiring, the villain is a copy of Gruntilda, the price is too high and again the title is just forgettable…||

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