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Rainway Site Has Removed All Mention Of The Nintendo Switch (UPDATE)

Update: Rainway has responded to the news.

Rainway, which we’ve reported on before, may not be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Users spotted that the application has removed all mention of the Nintendo Switch from their official site. The developers behind the application have yet to comment on why the system has magically disappeared. Reports previously suggested that negotiations with Nintendo were said to be “going smoothly”. However, this may have changed.

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  1. Nintendo always has to make everything extra hard… instead of planting trees and using the lumber to build houses and warm their homes with wood, they go out of their way to dig up large slabs of stone and carve them into trees and knock them down to build their homes and rub the rubble into sparks to make fire to warm their homes.

    1. While I’m disappointed, I can absolutely see from a business perspective why Nintendo wouldn’t want anything to do with it. The money in creating a software platform is in the license fees for all the software made for your platform. Why would they want to go to all the effort cultivating the Switch as the new premiere home a portable gaming machine just to then have to compete with Steam and Origin for market share on their own machine? If I were Nintendo I probably wouldn’t let it on either unless I were getting a cut of the action somewhere, a cut Valve is not likely to want to give them, and Rainway wouldn’t be able to afford.

    1. “I was going to throw money at it!”

      That’s why it isn’t coming. They want you to throw that money at games Nintendo makes a profit from.

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