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Nintendo Expects The Super Mario Bros Movie To Release In 2020

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has told Japanese publication Kyoto Shimbun that he hopes to make an agreement soon regarding the upcoming animated Super Mario Bros movie. Nintendo doesn’t have a partner yet, or one that they have revealed, but it’s thought that they are teaming up with Illumination Entertainment. If everything gets the go-ahead it should be ready by 2020.


24 thoughts on “Nintendo Expects The Super Mario Bros Movie To Release In 2020”

  1. I didn’t realize they were officially making this, but I’m glad it’s happening! Wonder who will make it, and how they will deal with Mario Talking, what the story will be, ect. But I’m still excited!

  2. I prefer they partner with Pixar or Disney (as long as they don’t include music voicing). Also DreamWorks is not bad either (yes I know these last years aren’t their best but they have made good movies like Dragons 1 and 2)

      1. This just ruined the rest of the game for me. I don’t even care about the endgame at this point.

        The only way they fix this now is if they Peach as sweet as possible to Mario at the end of the movie (and not plug something stupid like a Peach being a “modern independent woman” montage). Especially since there’s no way Nintendo can ever top Odyssey, just to justify the next installment’s ending being nicer, if not better.

        Make us like Peach. Make us trust Peach.

        Because right now, I never want to rescue her again, and I don’t care what Bowser or any other Mario villain does to her. Maybe Pauline is still single…..

    1. to be fair, Mario and Bowser were being super pushy. and Mario only proposed because Bowser was doing it. I personally don’t blame her for going off in a huff. Don’t worry though, I’m sure she’ll be baking him cakes in the future.

      1. Well I have a long wait and a lot of free time to hate Peach until then, and remain bitter with that ending (from THE BIGGEST MARIO GAME EVER) ingrained in my skull.

        Good job, Nintendo, you left an impact. Now give us (or me) the feeling of relief.

  3. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

    I’d honestly love it if someone took another crack at a live action movie. A live action Mario movie deserves some redemption. …just need the right director & writer….

    1. It will be great if they make a Mario movie about how Mario ended up in the Mushroom Kingdom after saving Pauline.

      1. I still say that Jumpman and red headed Pauline are more likely to be Mario’s parents. They are the Mario Bros. because they are the sons of Mario. It makes sense to me. Also, Mario’s official age is less then the 36 years since Donkey Kong came out.

        1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

          It’s possible… but that depends on how Pauline was around Mario. Did she give a motherly impression or a romantic impression?

      1. Illumination is the studio that made Minions and Despicable Me.
        This just might be me, but I think most of Dreamworks films are very lackluster. Sure, some turn out great, but most are very bland and have that nasty “Dreamworks humor” they’ve been using since Madagascar.

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