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Nintendo Russia Says “Expect Something Soon” With Regards To A Nintendo Direct

We are all hoping to hear Nintendo announce a Nintendo Direct today but so far the company has been quiet. Nintendo Russia on the other hand has told users on a Russian social network to “expect something soon.”

31 thoughts on “Nintendo Russia Says “Expect Something Soon” With Regards To A Nintendo Direct”

  1. I’m so anxiously waiting for something. I just want Animal Crossing on the switch, and hopefully down the line Capcom will support it with some ports of Resident Evil, Origins, 4-6 hopefully 7? Not saying this will be in the direct but sometime hoping Capcom will do this

      1. The only thing that’s toxic to the gaming community is an confused pretendo moron known has Brett Cummings. Saying negative things about the Nintendo Switch isn’t going to bring the Wii U back. Time to move on.

    1. We all do lol I just want to see maybe a teaser for Metroid… I want F-Zero to return and a few other surprises really

      1. Maybe Retro is doing the next F-Zero? Or hopefully some other main Nintendo franchise. After Metroid and Donkey Kong, I’d like to see what they could do with any of the Nintendo characters.

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  3. My hopes and dreams for this direct (although I don’t expect all of them): Animal Crossing; Metroid Prime 4 update; Smash Bros 5 (bring back the Ice Climbers); Pikmin 4; Online services update; the online multiplayer retro games; and speaking of retro, how about the Virtual Console; and to start off the Virtual Console, a localized Mother 3; Folders to sort your games in; and more themes then just black or white (maybe some character themes?);
    Also A few more good ports: Super Mario 3D World; Mario Maker (although it would take a lot to make it work); Xenoblade Chronicles 1 & X; and I’m sure there are others that could make the list, however, the dual screen nature of the Wii U makes porting the good games a problem.
    Again let me restate, I don’t expect everything on my list. Especially the ports and the folders/themes. but a guy can dream.
    Now I really want to play Mother 3!

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