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Nintendo Has Reiterated That It Will Continue To Support The Nintendo 3DS

While a lot of people’s attention is on the Nintendo Switch right now, Nintendo has reiterated that it has no plans of dropping support for the ageing Nintendo 3DS system. The news was shared by Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima who said the Kyoto-based company will continue to sell the Nintendo 3DS in the future.


87 thoughts on “Nintendo Has Reiterated That It Will Continue To Support The Nintendo 3DS”

  1. That’s good news, I only just bought fire emblem echoes, fates special edition and awakening. I have heard Professor Layton is a very good series too.

  2. Give it one more year and that’s it. I say it’s high time to retire the 3DS. Switch is effectively beating all other consoles and replacing the 3DS on top sales charts. I would even go far to say by 2020, it’ll outsell the 3DS lifetime numbers.

      1. A switch with a user replaceable battery would be great. I’m dreading when my nintendo switch battery wears out and i have to send my switch to nintendo for the battery to be replaced. I’d rather replace the battery myself instead of sending my switch to nintendo and risk it getting lost in the post or even damaged.

        1. The battery, flash drive and that other third part is replaceable, meaning you can upgrade the Switch a few places without having to buy a new hardware unless that new hardware comes with a few new updates like a camera, microphone and stuff.

    1. I agree with you for the most part, though I expect some small token support going forward, almost entirely in the form of kiddie games. The Switch has a lot of complicated and fragile components. They’ll push the 2DS and kiddie games as the option for people too young to be trusted carrying a Switch around.

      1. I love the 3DS myself and bought them a number of times. BUT the inevitable truth is inescapable: 3DS is at it’s end and Nintendo will not make a secondary console anymore after it’s done since the Switch has effectively and successful merged both ecosystems/markets together and now has become the new standard in gaming.

    2. Of course all consoles get discontinued eventually it’s obvious. It’s sounds to me like you can’t wait for the 3ds to die why is that.Is it because you think continued support of the 3ds will get in the way of nintendo making new switch games.Why not let nintendo support the 3ds for another year as people still enjoy it using it including myself and play online frequently.I personally want nintendo to support the 3ds for as long as possible,until nintendo themselves decide to discontinue it and not the 3ds haters.

      1. Not that I want the 3DS to die but for the Switch to thrive and grow some more which I love the console, 3DS, from a production standpoint, has to die. Look at it’s future library; there’s almost nothing left and everything else is moving on to the Switch. That’s a fact.

  3. Talk is cheap. Announce your own in house developed big game projects for the system and I’ll believe you. You’ve already shown your hand though by confirming Pokémon for Switch.

      1. With what exactly? Metroid was developed by MercurySteam, Pokémon is already moving to Switch, and they’ve confirmed no big games from their own studios at all since the Switch launched. Unless the you think Mario Party is a big game.

          1. With pretty much no big releases, yes. It may still be on shelves but for Nintendo to be “supporting” it they need to be pumping games on it.

                      1. I’m getting flashbacks to 2005 when the GBA was “still getting games.” How did that turn out?

                        Oh and it does matter because it shows where Nintendo’s focus is if all of their future big releases are only on Switch.

                        1. It has almost been a year since the Switch has been out and the 3DS is still getting games. Stop trying to grasp straws from over 10 years ago. And it really does not matter.

                          1. I know. Why do you want to hold on to the past so much? It really doesn’t matter anymore that Switch is here ;)

                            I’ll tell you what. I’ll believe the 3DS still has a bright future when they announce big new Mario, Zelda, and Pokémo…. oh, wait. That last has already been confirmed to be ditching the 3DS ;)

                            All the signs are there. You’re just blind. Have you not thought that the games coming out now were simply already far into development and these are the last games coming?

                                  1. Old men still go on too. Doesn’t mean squat.

                                    Whatever. I’ll see you as the year goes on. I wonder if this year’s E3 will be all Switch focused like last year and if people will still be delusional enough to think the 3DS will be going strong like Nintendo says but don’t follow with action ;)

                                          1. It’s the only game that still comes out for it. Doesn’t mean shit. To most it’s still a very dead platform.

                                              1. One which most of the consumer market has abandoned, which the Wii is and the 3DS soon will be if the downward sales trends continue with the rise of its successor.

                                                  1. “Soon will be”

                                                    We’re already seeing a shift towards the Switch frompretty much everyone. Holiday 2018 I predict will be the 3DS’s last push due to late localizations drying up.

                                                      1. Because third parties still have games to release in the West. Nintendo themselves are already mostly done. Happens with all console manufacturers. They’re the first to dump a platform for a new one because they have to sell the new one.

                                                          1. And once those games are finally out and the developers move on from the 3DS just like every handheld platform before it from the GameBoy to the DS?

                                                  1. With what else? They’re pretty much dried out on games at this point while everything else is going towards the Switch; the new standard of home/portable hybrid gaming.

                                                          1. That shit? Didn’t we already got the same exact Kirby fighting game like last year? Kirby in general needs to slow down with it’s productivity, same for FE. Other franchises needs attention and care beside those two highly spammed mobile-like crap. Kirby isn’t crap but sure it about to be if it keeps up with the rapid spin offs and main games that looks and plays exactly the same. Like a pink puffball CoD.

                                                1. I’d say wait until this month’s inevitable Direct before saying for sure. There’s that Kirby game coming in 10 days, but pretty much no other Nintendo game beyond that.

                                              2. Could this mean that they plan to release an upgraded New 3DS? Nintendo has been making handhelds for more than 20 years so perhaps they want to continue making them. And a lot of people (myself included) and kids still play with the New 3DS so it will be a money loss if they cut off their primary portable handheld.

                                                1. Except in my retail experience the 3DS sits on the shelf while the Switch gets bought in droves. Let the past die.

                                                  1. You know how stubborn Nintendo is. That’s why I think they’ll release a new upgraded 3DS before deciding if they merge their handhelds and consoles both completely. But I see them merging them sooner or later.

                                                  2. OK you hate the 3ds I personally love it and the nintendo switch equally.I can’t see the problem with the 3ds still being supported by nintendo how will it effect you it won’t.The 3ds has games you can’t play on the switch. The 3ds still has value despite you wanting it to die.

                                                    1. I don’t hate it, I have one. It’s time has come though and I think it’s crazy that people can’t see it. I absolutely loved the Super Nintendo but it’s time eventually came as well.

                                                2. I doubt there’ll be an upgraded 3ds as the new 3dsxl has been discontinued now. Nintendo is doing away with stereoscopic 3d and the new 2dsxl I think will be their last one they make.I think they’ll be more 3ds games coming out and nintendo will support online for the 3ds till early 2019.This is when the online ends for the Wii U so I think that’s when the 3ds gets discontinued.Then nintendo will just focus on the switch.

                                              3. Considering Nintendo’s Track Record on saying they will support something, I honestly do not believe a word of this.
                                                The fact that Gamefreak has confirmed Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are the last Pokemon games for the 3DS already puts the writing on the wall and when you look at how much Nintendo is supporting the Nintendo Switch compared to how much they are supporting the Nintendo 3DS, it’s already obvious they are pouring a lot of their resources into the former. Just take a look at the major releases we already know about, all of them are Nintendo Switch exclusive! New Kirby? Nintendo Switch, New Yoshi? Nintendo Switch, New Metroid? Nintendo Switch, new Pokemon game? Yep, you guessed it, Nintendo Switch.
                                                And this is coming from the company that for ages claimed that even after the “Nintendo NX” comes out, they would still be supporting the Nintendo Wii U which we all knew was a massive lie.
                                                I give the 3DS 2 years at best, and that’s only if it’s very lucky.

                                                1. Nintendo is still supporting the Wii U in that the online servers will stay on until early 2019. Isn’t that supporting the Wii U so nintendo didn’t lie completely sorry.I think early 2019 is when nintendo discontinues the online servers for the 3ds and Wii U.So the 3ds will be supported by nintendo for at least another year.

                                              4. There won’t be another main series Pokemon game on the 3DS. This is Nintendo speak for “this handheld is dead, buy the next one”. The 3DS had a long run with many awesome games but it’s time to move on and really focus on pumping out quality Switch games.

                                              5. “…company will continue to sell the Nintendo 3DS in the future.

                                                I don’t think Kimishima knows what support means. It means new software releases.

                                                If he interprets stock as support, the Mini/Classic releases were never supported.

                                                1. Nope nintendo still support the Wii U in that they’ll be keeping the online servers on till early 2019.Also certain Wii U nintendo games have received updates like zelda breath of the wild and super mario maker.Yes nintendo aren’t making anymore games for the Wii U why would they.It wouldn’t make financial sense for nintendo to carry on making games for the Wii U because the Wii U wasn’t selling.They haven’t completely pulled the plug on the wii u just yet so you’re wrong sorry.

                                                2. You’re correct you can’t buy brand new Wii U consoles anymore because nintendo discontinued it.Shops including online retailers just don’t sell brand new Wii U consoles including the official nintendo uk store.I managed to pick up a new Wii U console from a local retailer 3 months ago and was extremely lucky to find one,as they’re very rare in brand new condition.The only way you’d get a brand new Wii U now is on eBay,but they sell for £500+ which is ridiculously expensive.

                                              6. Where does everyone get this idea that they can just come out and say “Oh were not supporting the 3DS anymore” ?

                                                1. Sadly some people seem to hate the 3ds just because the switch has superior graphics I guess.I personally love the 3ds despite recently buying a nintendo switch.I think nintendo will support the 3ds until early 2019.I say this because that’s when the Wii shop channel on the wii u get closed down along with the online servers.Both the Wii U and 3ds had Miiverse discontinued so I assume the 3ds will be supported by nintendo all through 2018 at the very least.

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