Nintendo Is Set To Sue Mobile Developer Colopl For Nearly $40 Million

Nintendo is currently suing mobile developer Colopl Co., Ltd for an impressive ¥4.4 billion ($39.33 million). The Kyoto-based company states that Colopl Co., Ltd have five violations of infringement of patent rights. Colopl Co., Ltd says that this assertion is unfair.



  1. Looks like Nintendo is fighting back the patent trolls. lol If only they did that to Sony when they copycat Smash Bros., Nintendogs and Wii Remote controllers.

    1. Sony is massive, there a big chance that Nintendo could have won, but it would have taken months, years, hell I could see the case take 3+ years to settle, while Sony and Nintendo have similar amounts of money, both companies would lose a lot of fucking money, sure Sony ends up winning in this situation but is better than self-harming oneself further.

      1. I’ll never understand how people claim Playstation All-Stars is a copyright infringement on Super Smash Bros. So the game has 4 characters on at once? Big Deal! There’s still a load of differences between the 2. Hell, in Playstation All-Stars, you don’t even win by the same means, in 1 game you send them flying off the screen while in the other you hit them with a Super Move and that takes a stock off of them. And that’s not without mentioning other aspects like character’s specials being different in the air and, of course, the actual character roster.
        Said it once and I’ll say it again; There’s a difference between a rip off and an inspiration.

        1. Build for build, it is exactly like Smash Bros. without borders and pitfalls. That’s the ONLY thing they didn’t include to pathetically avoid lawsuit. Of course, Nintendo wouldn’t mind because everyone saw it as a rip-off to Smash Bros. and didn’t sell shit, not even eclipsing Smash 4 Wii U sales numbers which is pathetic compare to the first and the 3DS version. lol

      2. How on earth can anyone believe that Sony could have won against Sony? There’s nothing even coming close to the ballpark of infringement in Playstation All-Stars, and even if they *could* win, they would then have to establish damages. Can anyone spot a place where All-Stars hurt the Smash Bros. brand? I’m going to call that a no.

    2. }{ As far as Playstation All Stars goes, while I find it to be a terrible game in general, Nintendo doesn’t own the platforming fighting game genre… Suggesting they could sue over that is as silly as suggesting they take down Brawlhalla or Rivals of Aether… Same goes for motion controls and pet sim games… }{

      1. I’m not saying they own the genre but the game design is a straight up Smash Bros ripoff without the boundary/pitfall kills. It’s a lame ass excuse to make itself not look like Smash but it is without one attribute. Sony is just fucking sad.

    3. Nintendo doesn’t own the rights to raising digital pets so Sony, Microsoft, anyone can make a game involving it. To be honest, Nintendo weren’t even the first ones to make a game that involves raising a digital pet. The original Petz came out many years before Nintendogs did. And guess who owns Petz now? Ubisoft. Bought Petz in 2001; 4 years before Ninty released Nintendogs. So if Ninty sued Sony, it would have opened the door for Ubisoft to sue Nintendo.

      Unlike the Wii’s motion controls, PS3’s motion controls didn’t need a motion sensor bar. And Sony did motion controls that used gesture recognition (which is what the Wii’s motion controls used) BEFORE Nintendo did. It was called the EyeToy for PlayStation 2 that came out in 2003. In other words, Sony would have actually kicked Nintendo’s ass if they even tried.

      1. Kinectimals isn’t remotely copycatting Nintendo like Sony’s pet Sim that only adds whack ass voice acting that makes 4Kids and Beverly Hills dogs voice cast sound more professional.

  2. Since a lot of companies are suing patents law infringement against Nintendo, it’s fair that Nintendo also sue to the ones who are infringing their patents.

    1. ||We are thinking of a way to sue the corrupt cattle masses for even breathing near a Nintendo machine inside a radius of 5,76 meters…||

      ||Soon the very air of this worthless planet will be ours…||

    1. THANK YOU! About it being the cancer part. It is and no, there is a chance to beat it. Switch is the answer to it and hopefully the government’s ban Microtransactions forever which will effectively kill mobile gaming and that won’t bother anybody one bit because most of them are garbage one touch/click crap that bore you within 5 minutes.

      1. ||Whatever happens to the civilian masses is irrelevant, once these microtransactions are banned, the Electron Army will go down with it, what a dark day for gaming and several steps closer to the end of the true disease…||

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