Nintendo Switch

Polygon: Netflix ‘Still Exploring’ Possibility Of Nintendo Switch App

You probably saw the response from a Netflix customer service representative yesterday who said as a reply to a user on Twitter that the company has no current plans for a Netflix app for the Nintendo Switch. That tweet has since been deleted and Polygon reached out to the streaming service who told them the following:

“We are still exploring the opportunity with Nintendo, but don’t have definitive plans to share at this time,” the Netflix spokesperson told Polygon.




    1. I feel like the only way Netflix could really be worth while on Switch is if they give it the download feature like on the phone version. The Switch screen in larger than my phone screen and my Switch has a significantly higher chance of being offline while I’m out of the house.


    1. Yeah me too but I like to do that and watch t.v. and movies. (in fact the only thing i love more than playing video games is watching movies so it’s a perfect match for me)


  1. It will come, once Nintendo is confident enough to start charging for their online.
    Netflix wont be behind (Nintendo)paywall, but they will announce these apps when they announce their specific online plans.


  2. The cost of having Netflix in the switch is virtually nothing. There’s no way Netflix isn’t doing it just because it’s not worth it. It’s quite more plausible that Nintendo complicated, as they usually are, and not letting Netflix in the switch without a lot of expensive requirements Netflix isn’t willing to meet. Other possibility is that Nintendo is partnering up with a competitor service like the one they say Disney is preparing.

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    1. Or maybe Hulu paid for some timed exclusivity on Switch to build up a userbase before Netflix comes & possibly kicks their ass. lol So many possible reasons.


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