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Stardew Valley Dev Says Work On New Content Is Finished, Now Focussing On Multiplayer

According to the developer behind the immensely popular farming sim Stardew Valley which is out now on Switch, work on the new content has wrapped up and he is now focussing on tweaking the co-op mode. Eric Barone mentioned that the multiplayer feature was in the pipeline back when the title released but his latest tweets suggest that we could see it soon. As soon as the patch comes out we’ll be sure to let you know!



  1. I’ll be able to force my sister to play with me. Mwahaha. (She never plays Harvest Moon style games bc she says that the farming is too hard. So I’ll do the farming and she can take care of the livestock. ;b)

    Now she’ll have NO more excuses…

  2. It’s a very good game, hope they stay with 2D without jumping to an expressionless 3D, like many do, with its inevitable sequel.

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